34 Achievements
Asinus **Used the fabled concrete donkey**
26 achievers
Boom Boom **Killed an enemy worm witha an exploding physics object**
104 achievers
Buddy, Buddy **Winner in 10 allied matches online**
1 achiever
Bug Gulp **Killed 50 enemy worms by knocking them into the water**
20 achievers
Claymore More **Dropped 50 mines**
1 achiever
Death From Above **Killed a worm with a weapon fired from the parachute**
3 achievers
Fast Learner **Completed all the tutorial levels**
37 achievers
Glug Glug Glug **Spent 5 consecutive turns under water**
57 achievers
Heavy Killer **Killed 10 enemy heavy worms in online matches**
4 achievers
Home Sweet Home **Completed 10 fort games with the same fort**
1 achiever
How Rude! **Won 5 games killing the last worm with a prod**
3 achievers
Kleptomaniac **Collected 100 weapon and utility crates**
10 achievers
Mars Rover Object
2 achievers
My Gun, My Kill **Killed 10 enemy worms with a placed sentry gun**
2 achievers
New Kit Object
3 achievers
Nightingale **Collected 100 health crates**
2 achievers
One For The Money **Completed a single player level**
73 achievers
Reanimator Object
6 achievers
Scientist Killer **Killed 10 enemy scientist worms in online matches**
5 achievers
Scout Killer **Killed 10 enemy scout worms in online matches**
3 achievers
Social Butterfly **Played with 20 players online**
2 achievers
Soldier Killer **Killed 10 enemy soldier worms in online matches**
36 achievers
Squashed! **KIlled an enemy worm with a physics object squashing them**
8 achievers
Strife on Mars Object
1 achiever
Tarzan **Performed 5 repeat rope swings**
15 achievers
The Hard One **Performed over 500 damage in one turn.**
13 achievers
Trampled Upon **Kill an enemy with the Buffalo of Lies**
5 achievers
Upstairs Wares **Completed all the puzzle missions**
1 achiever
Worminator **Killed a total of 300 worms in online matches**
1 achiever
Wrecking Ball **Destroyed 1 of each physics object**
47 achievers
4 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Class Act **Acquired 4 of each class**
The Trooper **Completed all the campaign missions**
Worm Winner **Completed all the single player content**
Wormicide **Killed 1000 enemy worms**