12 Achievements
A Mountain of Squishy Enemies! Awarded for destroying an obscene number of ravagers!
5 achievers
All Your City Are Belong To You! Don't let a single light go out in the Neon City!
1 achiever
All-American Hero! Don't let anything take a bite out of the Big Apple!
1 achiever
Desperado Hero! Keep Mexico safe - the whole enchilada!
1 achiever
Guardian of Earth! Protect your planet with heroic perfection!
1 achiever
Hyper Beam Activate! Is there anything that can't be solved with a hyper-beam?
6 achievers
No Challenge Left Unanswered! A true hero answers every call to action!
1 achiever
Not Guilty! Prove your innocence once and for all!
3 achievers
Points Millionaire! Your score doesn't need to be infinite to unlock this achievement!
1 achiever
Shining Tsar! Keep mighty Moscow in rude health!
1 achiever
Sweet, Glorious Defeat! If you're going to fail, do it like a hero!
2 achievers
Up Close and Personal! Go toe-to-toe with 100 monstrous foes!
1 achiever
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