Waveform mini icon Waveform Steam Achievements

65 Achievements
Aces! Get 100% on a level
1 achiever
All through the Asteroid Belt Complete the Asteroid Belt
1 achiever
Anomaly detected Discovered a Black Hole
2 achievers
Closing the trap Trap a Space Squid between two Color Barriers
1 achiever
Color Chameleon Change the color of 20 objects with a single Prism
1 achiever
Eclipsing Earth Complete Earth
1 achiever
Fake it 'till you make it Complete a level after restarting from a checkpoint more than 5 times
2 achievers
In Living Color Change the color of 300 objects with Prisms
1 achiever
Jumped past Jupiter Complete Jupiter
1 achiever
Just warming up... Collect no points during a level
1 achiever
Lightspeed Earn the maximum speed multiplier
9 achievers
Ludicrous Speed Collect 10 Rocket Fuel without losing boost
1 achiever
Made it through Mars Complete Mars
1 achiever
Mastering Waveform Trace all Waves 100% on a level
6 achievers
Nightflight to Venus Complete Venus
1 achiever
No stopping at Neptune Complete Neptune
2 achievers
Passed Pluto Complete Pluto
10 achievers
Perfect style Get a 100% trace on a Wave
13 achievers
Playtime Warp a Space Squid through a Wormhole
1 achiever
Say goodbye to Saturn Complete Saturn
1 achiever
SMAAAASH!! Smash 10 Mirrors consecutively
2 achievers
Survivalist Last for 10 minutes in Pluto's Endless Mode
1 achiever
Top of the flagpole Warp through the portal at the end of a level
17 achievers
Trichromatic Become all 3 colors in a single level
6 achievers
Untouchable Take no damage in a level
8 achievers
You beat Uranus... Complete Uranus
1 achiever
You've gone plaid! Collect all Rocket Fuel in a level
2 achievers
You've got your own orbit Acquire 4 Floaters simultaneously
1 achiever
37 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Accelerated ability Travel 100000 AU through Particle Accelerators in Mars's Endless Mode
All-Star Collect all level stars and achievement stars in normal mode
Altered Perception Use Pulsars to collect all hidden Light Orbs in a level
Collateral damage Kill a Space Squid with Fireworks
Cost of doing business Destroy 10 Orbitals in Uranus's Endless Mode
Curiously mercurial Get S-Rank on every level in Mercury
Daredevil Trigger 30 Space Mines without taking damage
Dead ringer Get S-Rank on every level in Saturn
Don't miss Mercury Complete Mercury
Don't stare directly at it Survive for 30 minutes in the Sun's Endless Mode
Dynamo of dynamics Witness 200 Asteroid collisions in Asteroid Belt's Endless Mode
Enjoying Eris Complete Eris
Enriched plutonium Get S-Rank on every level in Pluto
Fasting Don't let the Singularity consume any Light Orbs
Firecracker Collect 1000 Light Orbs using Fireworks in Earth's Endless Mode
Galileo Galilei Get S-Rank on every level in Earth
Harmony amongst Discordia Get S-Rank on every level on Eris
Like family Get 100% on the Credits level
Marvin would be proud Get S-Rank on every level in the Mars
Master and commander Get S-Rank on every level in Neptune
Master of refraction Travel 30000 AU through Refract Clouds in Jupiter's Endless Mode
Proximity mine Kill 25 Space Squids with Fireworks
Ready for Waveform 2 Collect all stars in the game including all challenge mode stars
Recursive Reflection Destroy 200 Mirrors in Neptune's Endless Mode
Revelation Collect 1000 revealed objects using Radar Arrays in Mercury's Endless Mode
Rising star Get S-Rank on every level on the Sun
Saved the Sun Complete the Sun
Second sight Collect no Starlight in a Black Hole
Spot-on! Get S-Rank on every level in Jupiter
Squid Scourge Destroy 100 Space Squids in Venus's Endless Mode
The sky is aglow Get S-Rank on every level in Venus
The sky's the limit Get S-Rank on every level in Uranus
The Stars Are Left Travel 50000 AU to the left in Eris's Deep Space Mode
They're all relative Discovered all Black Holes
Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy Engage all Pulsars in a level
Warping ahead Travel 20000 AU through Wormholes in Saturn's Endless Mode
You must be great at Asteroids Get S-Rank on every level in the Asteroid Belt