21 Achievements
All the way to Sherwood Hit an enemy with a ranged weapon from ~160 feet.
8 achievers
Almost There Finish 2nd in a ranked match.
12 achievers
Baron Reach rank 25.
4 achievers
Could be worse Finish 3rd in a ranked match.
11 achievers
Decimation Kill 10 enemies in a row.
7 achievers
Decorated Obtain one of each prize in the game.
2 achievers
Duke Reach rank 60.
2 achievers
Earl Reach rank 40.
3 achievers
English Breakfast Keep the war civil and serve an english breakfast to your favoured foe.
9 achievers
Grand Player Finish as the best player in a ranked match.
10 achievers
Headhunter 2001 crossbow headshots.
2 achievers
Infantry Warfare Obtain all weapon efficiency prizes.
2 achievers
Knight Reach rank 20.
6 achievers
Marcher Lord Reach rank 50.
3 achievers
Mounted Warfare Obtain all Mounted prizes.
2 achievers
Power is knowledge Gain 10000 XP in one round.
7 achievers
Shire Reeve Reach rank 13.
11 achievers
Squire Reach rank 7.
18 achievers
Support Efficiency Obtain all support efficiency prizes in the game.
3 achievers
Viscount Reach rank 30.
3 achievers
Yeoman Reach rank 1.
45 achievers