Vertex Dispenser mini icon Vertex Dispenser Steam Achievements

12 Achievements
12 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Clear Passage Eliminate the Enemy on Mythic Portal (normal difficulty).
Colour Implosion Exceed seven colours.
Colour Puzzle Complete Colour Puzzle.
Cooperation Beat m hard AIs with n human players, where m>n.
Doppelpopolis Have two Doppelgängers in play at once.
Egg Carton Have a dozen white vertices.
Exuberant Struggle Complete Arcane Lore (maximum difficulty).
It's Only Fair Complete Slaughterhouse without dying (normal difficulty).
Mythic Portal Complete Episode 1.
Polychromatic Apocalypse Engine Complete Episode 2.
Secret Weapon Collect the Expand Edges ability on Time to Defend (normal difficulty).
Super Portal Rush Complete Mythic Portal in 1:30 (normal difficulty).