Universe Sandbox mini icon Universe Sandbox Steam Achievements

16 Achievements
Heat Wave Crash the Earth into the Sun
89 achievers
Learner Finish five tutorials
69 achievers
One Day Rule over your universe for 24 hours
14 achievers
One Hour Rule over your universe for 60 minutes
101 achievers
One Minute Rule over your universe for 60 seconds
202 achievers
One Month Rule over your universe for 30.4 days
7 achievers
One Year Rule over your universe for 12 months
6 achievers
Photographer Capture 100 screenshots
21 achievers
Snowball Earth Freeze the Earth by moving it further from the Sun
151 achievers
Startup Deka Start Universe Sandbox 10^1 = 10 times
61 achievers
Startup Hecto Start Universe Sandbox 10^2 = 100 times
14 achievers
Startup Kilo Start Universe Sandbox 10^3 = 1000 times
10 achievers
Startup the Universe Start Universe Sandbox at least once
204 achievers
Startup Too Many Start Universe Sandbox 10^4 = 10000 times
8 achievers
The Answer Result of millions of years of computation
29 achievers
The Code Some will know from their childhood; some were not born yet
30 achievers