Toy Soldiers mini icon Toy Soldiers Steam Achievements

17 Achievements
Coffin Nails Complete the Campaign
2 achievers
Fire in the Hole Guide a shell to its destination
8 achievers
Flying Pig Defeat Zeppelin
5 achievers
Foot Slogger Earn General Rank on any level
16 achievers
Jumped the Bags Complete level 1
16 achievers
Old Contemptible Defeat Tsar Tank
8 achievers
Old Sweat Defeat Uber Tank
3 achievers
Sweet Fancy Adams Earn General Rank on all Campaign levels
1 achiever
Throw a Seven Complete any level in Elite mode
1 achiever
8 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Base Rat Find all of the golden cubes in The Kaiser's Battle
Brass Hat Complete Campaign+ and earn all Ration Tickets
Foo Fighter Shoot down 40 UFOs with your P-51 Mustang
Grass Cutter Get a 40x blast combo
Land Ship Defeat the K-Wagen
Mr. Roboto Defeat RoboBob
Pip, Squeak & Wilfred Survive until Round 5
Rocketman Find all of the golden rockets in Invasion