21 Achievements
Creation Myth Discover TowerForge
2 achievers
Crimson Shield Earn 8 red skulls in Quest mode
1 achiever
Exuluna Unlock the White Archer
1 achiever
Golden Goddess Earn 14 red skulls in Quest mode
1 achiever
Omens Discover Moonstone
1 achiever
Rapture Complete Ascension in Quest mode
1 achiever
Way of the Order Complete the first 3 towers of Quest mode
3 achievers
14 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Ascension Discover Ascension
Battle Stenography Earn every award in Versus mode
Demented Thespian Unlock the Cyan Archer
Demon Queen Unlock the Purple Archer
Dex Check Beat 10 diamond times in Trials mode
Fabled Recluse Unlock the Yellow Archer
High Treason Put on the King's crown
Massive Mythology Play 10,000 rounds of Versus mode
Reaper's Crown Earn a gold skull on King's Court in Quest mode
Serpent Hymns Discover Sunken City
Sleepy Master Fall asleep in combat
Tall Tales Play 1,000 rounds of Versus mode
Thief's Badge Beat 30 diamond times in Trials mode
Time Lord Complete all 36 stages in Trials mode, with a total best time of under 2 minutes
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