123 Achievements
A New Trick Teach a pet a spell
165 achievers
Apprentice Baiter Fish 10 times
269 achievers
Arachnothanatology Defeat the Winter Widow
257 achievers
Breaker Break 100 breakables
296 achievers
Bull In A China Shop Break 10,000 breakables
1 achiever
Butterfly Have 50 friends
2 achievers
Casuality Defeat the Nether King in Casual difficulty
70 achievers
Casually Hardcore Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (casual)
1 achiever
Century Mark Reach level 100
19 achievers
Champ Battler Defeat 25 champions
269 achievers
Champ Master Defeat 100 champions
164 achievers
Champ Overlord Defeat 500 champions
23 achievers
Chest Nut Open 500 chests
113 achievers
Classist Defeat the Nether King with each of the 4 classes
1 achiever
Continuing Education Learn 4 spells
165 achievers
Critter Crusher Squish 1000 critters
11 achievers
De-Aleera-ious Defeat Aleera
26 achievers
DEAD THINGS! Defeat One-Eyed Willy
261 achievers
Destructor Break 1,000 breakables
112 achievers
Ding Dong Defeat Cacklespit
68 achievers
Dragon Slayer Defeat Vyrax
76 achievers
Elitist Defeat the Nether King in Elite difficulty
7 achievers
Emancipator Defeat Kidrik the Mauler
250 achievers
Enchanted Use an enchanter 10 times
180 achievers
Ezrek Gone Defeat Ezrek Khan
129 achievers
Fair Verona Defeat Verona
26 achievers
Fetch A Fair Price Send your pet to town
309 achievers
Flyswatter Defeat Bloatfang
99 achievers
For A Rainy Day Have 100,000 gold
87 achievers
Friendly Add a friend
231 achievers
From The Pit Defeat Mordrox
262 achievers
From The Top Begin new game plus
35 achievers
Gambling Enthusiast Purchase 20 items from the gambler
52 achievers
Gambling Fiend Purchase 100 items from the gambler
25 achievers
Gambling Professional Purchase 50 items from the gambler
33 achievers
Gem Hoarding Recover 100 gems from items
5 achievers
Gem Preservation Recover 10 gems from items
60 achievers
Gem Recovery Recover a gem from an item
195 achievers
Get This Party Started Start a multiplayer game
220 achievers
Ghost Buster Defeat Thiss
86 achievers
Gib Aficionado Explode 1,000 enemies
242 achievers
Gib Tycoon Explode 10,000 enemies
42 achievers
Gibster Explode 100 enemies
333 achievers
Globe-trotter Take 100,000 steps
69 achievers
Goodbye Cruel World Die with a hardcore character
39 achievers
Gooey Soles Squish 100 critters
174 achievers
Grand Regicide Defeat Grand Regent Eldrayn
223 achievers
Guzzler Use 5,000 potions
1 achiever
Hardcore Start a hardcore character
51 achievers
Hardcore Veteran Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (veteran)
1 achiever
Having A Blast Fish using dynamite
120 achievers
I Know a Secret Find a secret room
270 achievers
In Service of Secrets Find 10 secret rooms
36 achievers
In Your World Join a multiplayer game
235 achievers
Journeyman Fisher Fish 100 times
82 achievers
Killbot… Killed Defeat Killbot
84 achievers
Lizard Breaker Defeat Aruk
137 achievers
Manticore Defeat the Manticore
191 achievers
Map Enthusiast Use 10 maps
9 achievers
Marishkabob Defeat Marishka
31 achievers
Massive Crits Deal 10,000 critical strikes
40 achievers
Mission Accomplished Defeat the Dark Alchemist
77 achievers
Mushroom Picking Defeat Boletus Rex
93 achievers
Nest Egg Have 1,000,000 gold
41 achievers
No More Secrets Find 100 secret rooms
1 achiever
Normalized Defeat the Nether King in Normal difficulty
67 achievers
Normally Hardcore Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (normal)
1 achiever
Overpower Do 10,000 damage with a single attack
88 achievers
Peddler Sell 500 items
174 achievers
Performance Enhancer Use an enchanter 500 times
8 achievers
Pet Savant Teach a pet 4 spells
92 achievers
Pinned to the Mist Defeat the Wraith Lord
88 achievers
Plunderer Open 100 chests
264 achievers
Pogg Slammed Defeat King Pogg
244 achievers
Quaffer Use 50 potions
263 achievers
Revolt Against Artifice Defeat the Artificer
175 achievers
Rock Crusher Destroy 10 socketed gems
14 achievers
Self Improvement Use an enchanter 50 times
68 achievers
Siege Breaker Defeat the Siege Guardian
124 achievers
Skill Devotee Obtain a tier 2 skill bonus
114 achievers
Skill Enthusiast Obtain a tier 1 skill bonus
287 achievers
Skill Master Obtain a tier 3 skill bonus
24 achievers
Socializer Have 10 friends
35 achievers
Socketeer Socket a gem into an item
339 achievers
Spectacular Find Find a legendary item
38 achievers
Spellcaster Learn a spell
280 achievers
Squish Gallop Squish 500 critters
39 achievers
Stepping Out Take 10,000 steps
282 achievers
Stone Smasher Destroy a socketed gem
124 achievers
The Band Played On Assemble TrillBot
20 achievers
The Big Chillhoof Defeat Chillhoof
220 achievers
The Fall of the Wild Defeat the Grizzled Alpha
100 achievers
The Felled Guardian Defeat the Fallen Guardian
326 achievers
The King is Dead Defeat the Nether King
70 achievers
The One Percent Have 10,000,000 gold
21 achievers
Thinking Critically Deal 1,000 critical strikes
199 achievers
Tippler Use 500 potions
78 achievers
Trader Trade an item with another player
207 achievers
Treasure Hunter Open 20 chests
335 achievers
True Berserker Defeat the Nether King as a Berserker
13 achievers
True Embermage Defeat the Nether King as an Embermage
23 achievers
True Engineer Defeat the Nether King as an Engineer
24 achievers
True Outlander Defeat the Nether King as an Outlander
17 achievers
Twinkle Twinkle Bobba Socket 50 gems into items
65 achievers
Unmasked Defeat the King In Masks
101 achievers
Unstoppable Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode (elite)
1 achiever
Vendor Sell 5,000 items
6 achievers
Veterenated Defeat the Nether King in Veteran difficulty
21 achievers
Wanderer Take 50,000 steps
145 achievers
Well Dressed Wear a completed armor set
165 achievers
When Grell Fell Defeat General Grell
290 achievers
Who's Your Friend Defeat the Manticore's Mate
189 achievers
X Marks The Spot Use a map
49 achievers
10 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Cartophile Use 100 maps
Hypercritical Deal 100,000 critical strikes
Ice Breaker Destroy 100 socketed gems
Master Angler Fish 1,000 times
Mod Maniac Play a game using 5 mods
Mod Squad Install a mod
Modpocalypse Play a game using 10 mods
Playing With Dolls Defeat the Ancient Rag Doll
The Blingbearer Socket 500 gems into items
Trash Magnate Sell 50,000 items