66 Achievements
A Lich to Scratch Defeat the Overseer
147 achievers
Angler Catch 50 fish
44 achievers
Beast of Burden Fill your pet's inventory
161 achievers
Beast Slayer I Defeat Ordrak on Easy or Normal
50 achievers
Beast Slayer II Defeat Ordrak on Hard
17 achievers
Beast Slayer III Defeat Ordrak on Very Hard
9 achievers
Big and Green and Dead all Over Defeat Krag
83 achievers
Bum Luck Have an item disenchanted on the first enchantment attempt
72 achievers
Cash for Trash Sell 10,000 items to vendors
2 achievers
Deep Delver Reach the 50th floor of a dungeon
6 achievers
Deep Pockets Have 100,000 gold in your inventory
32 achievers
Down the Hatch Complete 50 Hatch Quests
3 achievers
Enchanted Successfully enchant one item 5 times
68 achievers
Enchantment Overload Successfully enchant one item 10 times
33 achievers
Epic Strike Do at least 10,000 damage to an enemy in a single strike
20 achievers
Fetch a Fair Price Send your pet to town
188 achievers
Fisher King Catch 1000 fish
3 achievers
Fisherman Catch 100 fish
25 achievers
Gambling Addict Gamble 50 times
19 achievers
Gambling Enthusiast Gamble 20 times
25 achievers
Gambling Fiend Gamble 100 times
13 achievers
Gibbed Blow 25 enemies to pieces with critical strikes
223 achievers
Hardcore Champion Defeat Ordrak on Hard Hardcore
4 achievers
Hardcore God Defeat Ordrak on Very Hard Hardcore
5 achievers
Hardcore Hero Defeat Ordrak on Normal Hardcore
6 achievers
Hardcore Victor Defeat Ordrak on Easy Hardcore
5 achievers
Hat Trick Beat the game with all three classes
16 achievers
Ka-Chunk! Pull 100 levers
127 achievers
Line of Kings Retire over 300 levels worth of characters
6 achievers
Lucky Gambler Gamble a unique item
49 achievers
Master Smasher Smash 1500 Breakables
15 achievers
Mod Maniac 5 mods installed at the same time
41 achievers
Mod Squad 1 game mod installed
79 achievers
Modpocalypse 10 mods used at the same time
31 achievers
Noble Lineage Retire two characters
7 achievers
Only a Master of Evil Defeat Alric
43 achievers
Over the Brink Defeat Brink
193 achievers
Passing the Torch Retire a character
17 achievers
Pension Plan Achieve player level 65
16 achievers
Perfect Victory Defeat Ordrak with no deaths
13 achievers
Pet Trainer Equip a spell on your pet
124 achievers
Potion Whiz Drink 5,000 potions
4 achievers
Price of Loyalty Use 50 potions on your pet
19 achievers
Purple People Defeater Defeat Medea
63 achievers
Questor Complete 200 Quests
12 achievers
Rich Collect 250,000 gold
41 achievers
Shape-Shifter Change your pet by feeding it fish
159 achievers
Sir Mixes-a-lot Successfully create 25 items using the transmuter
50 achievers
Sorcelator's Servant Transform your pet into a Mimic
36 achievers
Speed King Defeat Ordrak in less than 5 hours
8 achievers
Superstar Achieve maximum fame
11 achievers
Supreme Slayer Kill 50,000 monsters
5 achievers
Swift Execution Defeat Ordrak in 8 hours or less
13 achievers
The Adventure Begins Find the entrance to the mine
237 achievers
The Horse Whisperer Achieved enlightenment by speaking with the horse 100 times
16 achievers
The Long Haul Achieve player level 100
13 achievers
The Need for Greed Suffer 20 disenchants from the enchanter
7 achievers
Tormented Die 500 times
5 achievers
Transmogrifier Permanently transform your pet
38 achievers
Tree Hugger Defeat the Root Golem
115 achievers
Trolling for Punishment Kill 25 champion trolls
5 achievers
True Delver Reach level 100
6 achievers
Universally Understood Complete 25 Gar Quests
7 achievers
Wabam! Kill 5000 Monsters
84 achievers
Walkabout Take 25,000 steps
89 achievers
When this Town's a Rockin' Defeat the Ember Colossus
104 achievers