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13 Achievements
Rebellious Kill 1000 Enemies
1 achiever
Using the AR3 Kill 10 Enemies
2 achievers
11 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Airborne Medication NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_DESC_2_9
Be Adequate! Globally earn 10,000 points
Fast Processor Amass 100 points within X minutes.
I Don't Recommend It But ya did anyway, huh?
Pack Mule Give X ammo to another player
Rebel Rush Participate in a Rebel Rush event.
The Whole Enchilada Play through HL2, EP1 & EP2 in one sitting
Tongue Trouble NEW_ACHIEVEMENT_DESC_2_11
Triple-Friend Pick up a stranded friend in a vehicle.
Unnecessary Tactics Kill a enemy while in the air for over a second.
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