Swarm Arena mini icon Swarm Arena Steam Achievements

15 Achievements
Birth Play the Tutorial
11 achievers
First Steps Beat the Teacher by "Title Rules, 3 Wins"
11 achievers
Genetic Adaption Beat Pandora with Learning set to "Normal" by "Title Rules, 10 Wins"
2 achievers
Insight Score 100.000 points
4 achievers
Invincibility Score 100.000 points without getting hit
1 achiever
Jester's Crown Beat Jester by "Title Rules, 3 Wins"
2 achievers
Willpower Score a total of 1.000.000 points in 3 games or less
1 achiever
Wings Beat Pioneer by "Title Rules, 3 Wins"
1 achiever
7 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Global Potential Score 1.000.000 points
Leader Get to the top of your Friends Leaderboard while having at least 3 Steam Friends with a highscore in Swarm Arena
Mastery Beat Genesis by "Title Rules, 3 Wins"
Multiplier Get a Score Multiplier of 250 or more
Network Link Have 3 or more Steam Friends with a highscore in Swarm Arena
Out Of The Box Train Pandora to beat Genesis by "Title Rules, 3 Wins"
Side By Side Play 20 rounds against another human