24 Achievements
99 Problems and the Box Ain't One Destroy a laser box.
3 achievers
Assimilated Immortalization of a destructible steambot.
7 achievers
Dig Dug Skills Crush 10 enemies with falling blocks.
5 achievers
Fully Loaded Maximize all upgrades.
4 achievers
Half Life 8 Confirmed Find and sell 8 Uranium ores.
7 achievers
It Goes Deeper!? You found Vectron!
12 achievers
It's a Secret to Everybody Find all secret areas in the caves.
2 achievers
Just Like Real Life Complete the game without getting killed once.
1 achiever
Mythical Creatures You found the Old World!
19 achievers
Rock Bottom Reach the bottom of the world.
6 achievers
Scratching the Surface You found Archaea!
36 achievers
Shine on, You Crazy Round Thing Complete the game with more than 150 orbs collected in total.
5 achievers
Support Your Community Buy from all of Tumbleton's shops.
9 achievers
The Bad Defeat 10 shiners before they wake up.
9 achievers
The Good Defeat 10 trilobites before they wake up.
20 achievers
The Ugly Defeat 10 mecha trilobites before they wake up.
3 achievers
Trash Man Find and sell 8 Trashium ores.
18 achievers
Turtle Soup, Yum! Defeat a turtle submerged in water.
6 achievers
Two Kinds of People Complete the game with more than 20000 gold collected in total.
4 achievers
What's the Matter? Find and sell 16 Dark Matter ores.
5 achievers
4 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A Fistful of Dirt Dig out 15000 tiles.
Master Prospector Get all four gold stars in the same playthrough.
Quicker Than a Tumbleweed Complete the game in less than 2 hours, 30 minutes.
Sequence Breaker Destroy two generators before entering Vectron.