60 Achievements
Ding! Reach level 2.
1 achiever
Hasta La Vista, Baby Eliminate an enemy commander with your commander.
1 achiever
Power Overwhelming Win a match by controlling all Extraction Points.
1 achiever
You Are Not Special Win a match.
1 achiever
56 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Ahh, Fresh Meat! Eliminate a total of 25 enemy commanders.
Assault Ace Complete all other Assault Commander class challenges to be an Assault Ace!
Badger, Badger, Badger Complete all other Badger challenges.
Beam Me Up! Emergency escape from battle 25 times.
Bent, Not Browken Complete all other Browbeetle challenges.
Bester The Pesters Complete all other Pestermite challenges.
Commando Pro <3 Complete all other Commando challenges.
Destoroyah Complete all other Destroyer challenges.
Ding! 10! Now reach level 10!
Ding! 20! And then level 20!
Ding! 30! And.. 30!
Ding! 40! C'mon, your getting there! 40!
Ding! 50! Almost done! 50!
Ding! 60! The fun begins in the endgame! 60!
Eggscelent Complete all other Egghead challenges.
Elite Engineer Complete all other Engineer Commander class challenges to be an Elite Engineer!
Epic Winning Win 10 matches.
EX-TER-MIN-ATE! Destroy 10.000 enemy droids, vehicles or devices.
Get Off My Lawn! Get rid of 25 capturing enemy commanders.
Gotta Catch ‘Em All Capture 25 extraction points.
Ground And Pound Complete all other Pounder challenges.
Hellion Handy Complete all other Hellion challenges.
I'm Doing My Part! Capture 1000 extraction points.
Imba Infiltrator Complete all other Infiltration Commander class challenges to be an Imba Infiltrator!
It Takes Two, Baby Perform 20 double eliminations.
Jeepers Creepers Complete all other Creeper challenges.
Kingslayer Eliminate 1000 enemy commanders.
Lampyrid Leet Complete all other Lampyrid challenges.
Legen... DARY! Perform 10 triple kills.
Lord of Destruction Destroy 25 enemy extractors.
Lord Protector Complete all other Protector challenges.
Maim! Kill! Burn! Destroy a total of 100 enemy droids.
Make Way Complete all other Waymaker challenges.
Mangled Metal Destroy a total of 50 enemy vehicles.
Master Shredder Complete all other Shredder challenges.
MONSTER KILL Perform 3 penta eliminations.
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Yes. Perform an annihilation kill.
Ordnance OP Complete all other Ordnance Commander class challenges to be an Ordnance OP!
Phalanx Phreak Complete all other Phalanx challenges.
Phantastic! Complete all other Phantasm challenges.
Piledrivin' Crazy Complete all other Piledriver challenges.
Proper Whacked Complete all other Bushwhacker challenges.
Quad Damage Perform 5 quadra eliminations.
Rangers Hooah Complete all other Ranger challenges.
Razor Sharp Complete all other Razor challenges.
Sentry-Centric Complete all other Sentry challenges.
Shattering Spree Destroy a total of 25 enemy devices.
Siren Song Complete all other Siren challenges.
Skitter Skillz Complete all other Skitter challenges.
Stingy Jack Complete all other Stingray challenges.
Super A-Grade Strider Complete all other Strider challenges.
Techiedooms! Complete all other Techiedrone challenges.
The Gapes of Wrath Complete all other Gapeworm challenges.
There Can Be Only One Eliminate 500 enemy commanders with your commander.
There.... War... Only... Is... Win 500 games.
Vector Prime Complete all other Vector challenges.
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