60 Achievements
Accomplished Alchemist Alchemize 25 items.
54 achievers
Adept Alchemist Alchemize 10 items.
81 achievers
An Emberlight in the Dark Pay a visit to Emberlight, the town of gremlin outcasts.
63 achievers
Applied Entropy Build an item to heat level 10.
158 achievers
Apprentice Alchemist Alchemize 5 items.
125 achievers
Armorer Amass 3 armors in your Arsenal.
258 achievers
Ascendant Alchemist Alchemize 50 items.
32 achievers
Bombardier Amass 3 bombs in your Arsenal.
128 achievers
Bronze Survivor Complete a Tier 1 expedition without having to revive.
85 achievers
Conditioned Response Use 10 Remedy Capsules.
112 achievers
Cradle and All Travel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition.
8 achievers
Dauntless Delver Travel the entire Clockworks from depth 0 to depth 29 in a single expedition without having to revive.
5 achievers
Energize! Power up a derelict Mecha Knight.
100 achievers
Expert Armorer Amass 5 armors in your Arsenal.
79 achievers
Expert Bombardier Amass 5 bombs in your Arsenal.
50 achievers
Expert Gunslinger Amass 5 guns in your Arsenal.
167 achievers
Expert Hatter Amass 5 helmets in your Arsenal.
108 achievers
Expert Shieldbearer Amass 5 shields in your Arsenal.
70 achievers
Expert Swordsman Amass 5 swords in your Arsenal.
217 achievers
First Steps Successfully reach the Rescue Camp.
623 achievers
Five-Star Smith Alchemize a 5 star item.
26 achievers
Four-Star Smith Alchemize a 4 star item.
52 achievers
Free Spirit Defeat Lord Vanaduke in the heart of the Firestorm Citadel.
21 achievers
Fully Loaded Unlock and fill every equipment slot.
15 achievers
Go Deep Earn clearance to explore Tier 3 of the Clockworks.
37 achievers
Gold Survivor Complete a Tier 3 expedition without having to revive.
6 achievers
Gunslinger Amass 3 guns in your Arsenal.
248 achievers
Hardcore Descend to the Core Terminal.
25 achievers
Hatter Amass 3 helmets in your Arsenal.
226 achievers
Helping Hand Revive a downed party member.
213 achievers
Jump Start Revive yourself.
357 achievers
Mad Hatter Amass 10 helmets in your Arsenal.
24 achievers
Major Miner Deposit 500 minerals into a gate.
41 achievers
Marvelous Miner Deposit 2,500 minerals into a gate.
13 achievers
Master Armorer Amass 10 armors in your Arsenal.
20 achievers
Master Bombardier Amass 10 bombs in your Arsenal.
15 achievers
Master Gunslinger Amass 10 guns in your Arsenal.
30 achievers
Master Miner Deposit 10,000 minerals into a gate.
4 achievers
Master Shieldbearer Amass 10 shields in your Arsenal.
17 achievers
Master Swordsman Amass 10 swords in your Arsenal.
77 achievers
Minor Miner Deposit a single mineral into a gate.
245 achievers
Mission Accomplished Reach the first Clockworks Terminal.
362 achievers
Moderate Miner Deposit 100 minerals into a gate.
109 achievers
O Frabjous Day! Defeat the fabled Snarbolax that lives deep within the Gloaming Wildwoods.
164 achievers
One-Star Smith Alchemize a 1 star item.
196 achievers
Pharma Suitable Use 10 Health Capsules.
199 achievers
Royal Pain Defeat the Royal Jelly squatting in the Royal Jelly Palace.
58 achievers
Shieldbearer Amass 3 shields in your Arsenal.
165 achievers
Silver Survivor Complete a Tier 2 expedition without having to revive.
16 achievers
Son of a Nutcracker! Hit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown.
124 achievers
Spiral Spelunker Earn clearance to explore Tier 2 of the Clockworks.
140 achievers
Star-Spangled Bomber Obtain a Firecracker bomb.
160 achievers
Stellar Set Amass an Arsenal that includes a 5 star helmet, armor, shield, gun and bomb.
15 achievers
Swordsman Amass 3 swords in your Arsenal.
304 achievers
Terrible Twin Turrets Defeat the Roarmulus Twins.
43 achievers
Three-Star Smith Alchemize a 3 star item.
84 achievers
Two-Star Smith Alchemize a 2 star item.
133 achievers
Walk It Off Revive a downed party member, giving them only half a pip of health.
59 achievers
Welcome, Stranger Cross the chasm into Haven.
504 achievers
World of Moorcraft Pay a visit to Moorcraft Manor.
175 achievers