13 Achievements
Get the Popcorn Watch the entire game
3 achievers
No One Can Defeat the Masher Beat the Masher Scene in Ace Mode
1 achiever
Oh Captain! My Captain! Complete the game in Captain Mode
1 achiever
Regain Your Manhood Energize for the first time
3 achievers
Requesting Permission Hail the Space Station for permission to land
1 achiever
Top Gun Beat the Dogfight Scene in Ace Mode
1 achiever
7 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Borf Hunter Complete the game in Ace Mode, with no move guide.
Call Me Ace Complete the game in Ace Mode
Go Go Ace! Complete the game energizing in all scenes
Infantilized Complete the game without energizing in all but the final scene
Just Dex Complete the game in Cadet Mode
Roller Boogie Beat the Rollerblade Scene in Ace Mode
Space Baby Get transformed into a baby
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