Solar 2 mini icon Solar 2 Steam Achievements

25 Achievements
Asteroid Nursery Have 15 asteroid moons around your planet.
39 achievers
Betrayal Grow to a black hole from a multi star system.
19 achievers
Big Crunch Grow so large you absorb the whole universe.
70 achievers
Challenge Novice Complete every challenge mission with any score.
7 achievers
Challenge Pro Complete every challenge mission with a hard level score.
5 achievers
Dark Champion Beat the final boss as a dark matter star without using Physics or God options.
3 achievers
Dude, I Don't Suck! Beat all the missions without using Physics or God options.
9 achievers
Elite Make a 6 star system.
17 achievers
Flying Blind Go from a small black hole (<150k mass) to Big Crunch without the interface visible.
15 achievers
Gentle But Firm Complete the 2nd part of the "Fine Art" mission without dying and without evolved life on your planet.
5 achievers
Get Lost Get Lost.
12 achievers
Grind Star Make a 40 star system.
6 achievers
Hobo Star Start the 3rd part of the "Duel" mission as a single star with no planets and beat it in under 3 minutes.
2 achievers
I Got This Kill all the attacking ships in the first part of the "Heist" mission before completing it.
4 achievers
I'm Late! Complete the first part of the "Concert" mission in under 1 minute.
4 achievers
Master Thief Steal 10 planets on the "Planet Stealer" challenge mission.
2 achievers
Ninja Complete each of the "Assassin" mission parts without dying.
5 achievers
Overcrowding Get the maximum possible life in your system.
6 achievers
Planetary Soloist Complete the second part of the "Concert" mission with no evolved life on your planet.
10 achievers
Snowflake Star Get 4 points in the star challenge mission "Snowball Fight".
37 achievers
Speed Cycle Go from Big Bang to Big Crunch in under 20 minutes. No menu respawning.
5 achievers
Super Clock Get 10 planets in your system orbiting clockwise.
8 achievers
Supremacy As a star have an orbiting life planet with 100 kills.
24 achievers
The Entity What is the entity?
11 achievers
Why did you kill me? Why?
10 achievers