Sol Survivor mini icon Sol Survivor Steam Achievements

26 Achievements
Fleet Officer Host 10 complete games of Sol Survivor multiplayer.
1 achiever
Kitchen Sink Apply fire, EMP, radiation, slow goo, and gas to one enemy.
3 achievers
Last Second Kill Kill an enemy in the last second before it enters the colony.
11 achievers
Liquidation Sell 1000 mass of turrets in a single game.
1 achiever
Multitasker Win a game of Wars.
2 achievers
No 'I' in 'Team' Complete a Coop level with at least 3 people.
3 achievers
Orbital Bombardment Use every orbital support.
1 achiever
Paragon Beat the campaign.
2 achievers
Size Makes a Difference Build 20 level three turrets.
1 achiever
Sole Survivor Beat a level with one colonist left.
2 achievers
Unleash the Horde Send 30 creeps in under 10 seconds in Wars.
1 achiever
Waste No Time Win a Wars game before first escalation.
1 achiever
14 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Assembly Line Build 100 of one kind of level 1 turret.
Commander Complete all officer badges.
Conqueror Complete all level badges.
Eliminator Complete all creep badges.
Equal Opportunity Constructor Build and fully upgrade every turret.
One Man Army Complete a four player Coop level alone.
Overloaded Apply speed, crit, and range buffs to one turret.
Photo Finish Beat someone by one life.
Single Handed Achieve victory on all campaign levels with one officer.
Slade's Legion Achieve victory on at least one campaign level with each officer.
Strategist Complete all turret badges.
Tactician Complete all support badges.
Underdog Beat a player who has a more advanced escalation turret.
Veni vidi vici Beat all levels on intense.