19 Achievements
In a Respectable China Establishment Complete the No Bull's second challenge
1 achiever
In a Tiny China Shop Complete the No Bull's first challenge
1 achiever
There When We Were Just a Twinkle Complete a game while Arena Kings is in beta
2 achievers
16 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A Purl in Time Saves Four and a Half Complete the Decima's second challenge
An Egg in Hand's Worth a Bird in the Bush Complete the Decima's first challenge
Baker's Half-Dozen (Rounded Down) Complete the Decima's third challenge
Close Talker Complete Lou's first challenge
Epic Halitosis Complete Lou's third challenge
Great Shooting, Great Slaty Complete the Woodpecker's second challenge
Justice for Four Complete the All-American's second challenge
Justice for Six Complete the All-American's third challenge
Justice for Three Complete the All-American's first challenge
Not a Zombie Complete Lulu's third challenge
Not Driving Complete Lulu's first challenge
Not Single Complete Lulu's second challenge
Oblivious to Personal Space Complete Lou's second challenge
On chinazon.com Complete the No Bull's third challenge
Pick 'Em Off, Piculet Complete the Woodpecker's first challenge
Quite the Survivor, Quetzalcoatlus Complete the Woodpecker's third challenge
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