Scoregasm mini icon Scoregasm Steam Achievements

19 Achievements
Figs Find the fig roll
3 achievers
Who Needs Bullets? Finish level 1a without shooting
4 achievers
17 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Bourbon Find the bourbon
Combo King Get a combo greater than or equal to 10,000
Completist Complete every challenge level
Creamy Find the custard cream
Dangerous Dodging Survive for 100 seconds on challenge 15c without shooting
Digestion Find the chocolate digestive
Easy Street From the start, finish the game visiting only normal levels
Escape! You must... ESCAPE!
Got Nothing On Me Get a perfect on level 15c
Great Explorer Unlock every level
Hiscore Hero Score greater than 250,000,000. Challenge games do not count
Impressive Collection Earn all of the combo medals. There's one on each stage!
Mr. Perfect From the start, complete the game visiting only insane levels without dying
Multiplier Madness Get a 9x multiplier
Noted Find the £5 note
Ring Find the jam ring
Wafers Find the pink wafer
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