Plain Sight mini icon Plain Sight Steam Achievements

27 Achievements
Are You Sure Sir? It Does Mean Changing The Bulb Tag an object in lighten up that has already been tagged
1 achiever
Come Quietly or There'll Be Trouble Kill a jammed opponent
1 achiever
Cut the Red Wire! Kill an opponent preparing to Meltdown
18 achievers
Danger, Will Robinson! Get 5 or more simultaneous attack warnings
10 achievers
Easy Money Kill an opponent who has been repelled
12 achievers
Everybody's Dead Dave Kill 4 opponents with a single meltdown
6 achievers
Falling With Style Travel 1000 miles in the air
1 achiever
Here I Am, Brain the Size of a Planet Buy all 3 Mega Perks in a single round
4 achievers
I Did Not Murder Him! Reach maximum energy and detonate without killing anyone
1 achiever
I'm a Learning Computer Buy any Mega Perk
9 achievers
Put it in Your Pocket Catch a falling star
25 achievers
Thank You for Your Cooperation Kill an opponent with a meltdown
31 achievers
That is The Sound of Inevitability Win a round of any game mode
15 achievers
The Best Defense is a Good Offense Repel an attack with your own attack
32 achievers
The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy Kill an opponent who is attacking someone else
21 achievers
Who's The Real 7 Billion Ton Robot Monster Here? Not I... Not I Land the killing blow on Botzilla
6 achievers
Why Did You Have To Be So Brave? Return 50 stolen flags
1 achiever
10 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Hate Crime! At maximum energy, kill a stealthed robot using a flame sword
He's Not a Guy, He's a Machine Win a round of each gametype
I Do Believe They Think I Am Some Kind of God Capture 50 flags
Johnny 5 is Alive! Block a meltdown
Proud Of Yourself, Little Man? Kill 5 opponents while under the effect of a single Stealth Powerup
Resistance is Not Futile Block 10 attacks as a Ninja in Ninja! Ninja! Botzilla! without dying
Tempers are wearing thin. Let's hope some robot doesn't kill everybody. Kill 5 opponents while under the effect of a single Flame Sword Powerup
We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space. Use your shield to defend someone other than yourself
You Have 5 Seconds To Comply Tag a Lighten Up object at max energy with 5 seconds to go
You're a Feisty Little One Capture a flag, return a Flag and kill an opponent with a meltdown all in one CTF match