11 Achievements
Ambient Master Complete three levels in each Ambient Forever zone.
1 achiever
Black Hole Sun Collapse the system in level F2-3 by feeding the Attractor.
9 achievers
Disciple of the Osmos Complete all tutorial zones.
89 achievers
Fittest Complete all Sentient zones.
12 achievers
Graduate of the Osmos Complete the game.
3 achievers
Gravitronics Complete all Force zones.
3 achievers
Master of the Deep Complete five levels in any Forever zone.
1 achiever
Master of the Force Complete three levels in each Force Forever zone.
1 achiever
Purity Complete all Ambient zones.
7 achievers
Viral Master Complete three levels in each Sentient Forever zone.
1 achiever
Voyager Unlock all zones.
14 achievers