28 Achievements
Dead Orc = Good Orc Kill 1,000 orcs
127 achievers
Deck the Halls Complete the Hallway using only the Arrow Wall trap, weapons, and spells
94 achievers
Defender Complete Act 1
71 achievers
Droppin' Ten Large Kill 10,000 orcs
37 achievers
Giblet Storm! Gib more than 200 enemies on one level
53 achievers
Great Balls of Fire! Get 300 fireball kills in one level
8 achievers
In your Face! Get 100 acid pot kills in one level
14 achievers
Keepmaster Complete Act 2
41 achievers
Legendary Defender Complete Act 1 on Nightmare mode
6 achievers
Legendary Keepmaster Complete Act 2 on Nightmare mode
5 achievers
Legendary War Mage Complete Act 3 on Nightmare mode
5 achievers
Lights Out! Get 20 chandelier kills in one level
10 achievers
Master War Mage Complete Act 3
35 achievers
Member: 30k Club Kill 30,000 orcs
6 achievers
Natural 20! Get a 20 kill streak
107 achievers
No Traps for You! Win an act 2 or 3 level without using any traps
11 achievers
Ogre Bisque Kill an Ogre in a Lava Pit or an Acid Pit
23 achievers
Perfect 10! Get a 10 kill streak
169 achievers
Pow! Pow! Get 50 kills with explosive barrels on one level
21 achievers
Series of Tubes Connect your Robot Entertainment account to your Steam account
23 achievers
SG1 Go through portals 20 times in one level
73 achievers
Skin of your Teeth Win a level with 1 rift point left
24 achievers
Tenderized! Get 50 pounder kills in one level
22 achievers
Tunnel Vision Win an act 2 or 3 level using a single trap type
21 achievers
Ultimate War Mage Earn 5 skulls on every level on War Mage difficulty
8 achievers
What a Mess! Get a 30 kill streak
29 achievers
Who Wants Pancakes? Get 50 kills with the rolling log in one level
12 achievers
Who Wants Some?! Get a 40 kill streak
9 achievers