19 Achievements
Class over Leave the office building.
1 achiever
Prologue Finish the prologue.
2 achievers
17 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A stroll in the dark Cross the gardens.
Brutal Kill 50 monsters hand-to-hand.
Detention Search the basement.
First aid Go to the nurse's office.
Hall pass Enter the gardens.
Heavily armed Find all of the weapons.
Honor student Finish the game in 'Normal' mode.
In my office! Find the principal.
Investigation Check out the dorms.
Magna Cum Laude Finish the game in 'Special' mode.
Present! Every playable character survived at Leafmore.
Private screening Search the auditorium.
Research Explore the library.
The End Finish the game.
Three with one blow Kill 3 monsters with a single light grenade.
Trigger happy Kill 150 monsters with a firearm.
With Distinction Finish the game in 'Hard' mode.
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