New Star Soccer 5 Steam Achievements

100 Achievements
First Contract Sign your first contract
1 achiever
League Game Win a league game
1 achiever
NRG! Buy an NRG drink
1 achiever
Premium Account Purchase a premium account
1 achiever
96 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
$1 Million Transfer Make a $1 million transfer move
$10 Million Have $10 million in the bank
$10 Million Transfer Make a $10 million transfer move
$20 Million Transfer Make a $20 million transfer move
$25 Million Have $25 million in the bank
$5 Million Transfer Make a $5 million transfer move
10 Passes Make 10 passes in one match
10 Seasons Play for 10 seasons
10 Star Man Earn 10 'Star Man' awards
10 Tackles Win 10 tackles in one match
100 club goals Score 100 club goals
100 International Caps Play 100 international matches
100 International Goals Score 100 international goals
100 Shirts Sell over 100 replica shirts in one week
100% Boss Get 100% relationship with boss
100% Fame Achieve 100% fame rating
100% Fans Get 100% relationship with fans
100% Friends Get 100% relationship with friends
100% Girlfriend Get 100% relationship with girlfriend
100% Happiness Achieve 100% happiness
100% Lifestyle Achieve 100% lifestyle rating
100% Skill Achieve 100% skill rating
100% Sponsors Get 100% relationship with sponsors
100% Team Get 100% relationship with team
15 Tackles Win 15 tackles in one match
150 Tackle Season Make 150 club tackles in a season
20 Assist Season Make 20 club assists in a season
20 Goals Season Score 20 club goals in a season
20 Passes Make 20 passes in one match
20 Star Man Season Get 20 Star Man awards in a season
25 Star Man Earn 25 'Star Man' awards
3 Assists Make 3 assists in one match
30 Passes Make 30 passes in one match
300 Pass Season Make 300 club passes in a season
5 Goal Win Win a match by 5 goals
5 Tackles Win 5 tackles in one match
50 club goals Score 50 club goals
50 International Caps Play 50 international matches
50 International Goals Score 50 international goals
50 Star Man Earn 50 'Star Man' awards
All Luxury Items Purchase all luxury items
All Properties Purchase all properties
All Sponsorship Contracts Sign maximum number of sponsorship contracts
All Vehicles Purchase all vehicles
Assist Make an assist
Black Jack Win money playing black jack
Boots Buy some boots
Booze! Buy some booze
Boss Celebration Celebrate a goal with the boss
Camera Celebration Celebrate a goal in front of the cameras
Captain Become the club captain
Clean sheet Keep a clean sheet
Continental Game Win a continental game
Continental Tournament Win a club continental tournament
Cup Game Win a cup game
Cup Tournament Win a national cup tournament
Division Title Win a lower division title
Fans Celebration Celebrate a goal in front of the fans
Girlfriend Get a girlfriend
Goal! Score a club goal
Great Strike Score a goal from 20 metres
Hattrick! Score a club hattrick
Horse Buy a horse
Horse Racing Win money betting on a horse
Horse Win Win a race with a horse that you own
International Cap Play an international match
International Game Win an international game
International Goal Score an international goal
International Hattrick Score an international hattrick
International Tournament Win an international tournament
League Player of the Year Win the 'League Player of the Year' award
League Title Win a league title
Legend Become a club legend and play 200 games for one club
Local Hero Become a local hero and play 100 games for one club
Maximum Dribbling Achieve maximum dribbling skill
Maximum Flair Achieve maximum flair
Maximum Heading Achieve maximum heading skill
Maximum Pace Achieve maximum pace
Maximum Passing Achieve maximum passing
Maximum Shooting Achieve maximum shooting
Maximum Tackling Achieve maximum tackling skill
Millionaire Have $1 million in the bank
Pain Killers Buy some pain killers
Retirement Retire after 20 seasons
Roulette Win money at the roulette wheel
Shin Pads Buy a pair of shin pads
Slots Win money on the slot machine
Sponsorship Sign a sponsorship contract
Star Man Earn a 'Star Man' award
Super Strike Score a goal from 30 metres
Team Celebration Celebrate a goal by running with ball to the centre circle
Top Form Get a maximum match rating 5 times in a row
Transfer Transfer to a new club
World Cup Win the World Cup
World Player of the Year Win the 'World Player of the Year' award
Young Player of the Year Win the 'Young Player of the Year' award
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