Miasmata mini icon Miasmata Steam Achievements

27 Achievements
Duck and cover! Successfully hide from the creature
1 achiever
Fetch! Distract the creature
1 achiever
I can like... see man Synthesize a Clarity Tonic
1 achiever
I think therfore I am Synthesize Brain Emphasis
3 achievers
I told you to wait 30 minutes Die from drowning
6 achievers
It is there Triangulate a distant landmark
2 achievers
It may be time for an intervention Use every medicine
11 achievers
It takes just seconds to eat Synthesize an Energy Stimulant
1 achiever
Make it Strong Synthesize Extra Strength Medicine
6 achievers
Pump it up Synthesize Muscle Emphasis
1 achiever
Stick it Synthesize Endurance Emphasis
1 achiever
Tylenol Tommy Synthesize Basic Medicine
10 achievers
You are here Triangulate your location
7 achievers
14 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A Sorbo Smoothie Synthesize a Herculean Tonic
An Apple Assault Hit the creature with an apple
Botanical Bad A** collect 32 unique plant/fungi
Crazy Climber Go to the island's highest point
In 3 days? Yeah right! Beat the game in 3 days or less
In under a week? Can't be done! Beat the game in 7 days or less
Just doing some light reading? Collect every note
Oh, my glorious brain... Synthesize a Mental Stimulant
Pyro Light every urn on the island
That's a lot of head statues Add all head statues to the map
The Banana Bammer Hit the creature with a banana
The Bored Cartographer Map the entire mainland coastline
The Ol' Citrus Changeup Hit the creature with an orange
The ol' Tin Can TKO Hit the creature with a tin can