Magical Diary Demo mini icon Magical Diary Demo Steam Achievements

26 Achievements
26 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Been Kissed Someone has locked lips with you.
Black Mastery You maxed out your Black Magic.
Blue Mastery You maxed out your Blue Magic.
Bunny!! You retrieved the elusive stuffed bunny.
Conspiracy You helped Ellen form a school conspiracy.
Cutie-Pie You maxed out your Cute.
Delinquent You received five detentions in one game.
Divorced After a year locked in the school dungeons. Nasty.
Expelled Too many demerits ended your school year.
Green Mastery You maxed out your Green Magic.
I love being STRONG You maxed out your strength.
Married Oops! Accidentally married.
Naughty You received detention.
Prom Date You had an escort for the May Day Ball.
Red Mastery You maxed out your Red Magic.
Secret Society You became a full member of the Rose and Wasp.
Sophomore You made it through the school year!
Star Student You maxed out your Merits.
Stressed Out You maxed out your Stress.
Studious You maxed out your smarts.
Summer School You can't go home again.
Treasurer You won the election for class treasurer.
Truant You refused to attend any classes!
Walking in Darkness You broke your oath and lost your magic - for now.
Weirdo You maxed out your Weird.
White Mastery You maxed out your White Magic.