Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

25 Achievements
Archmage Unlock 30 cards for one deck
52 achievers
Auramancer Win a duel controlling at least five Auras
9 achievers
Avatar of Slaughter Win a duel when an opponent controls no creatures
66 achievers
Beast Within Win a duel controlling a creature with at least 10 power
59 achievers
Challenge Master Solve ten challenges
12 achievers
Dragon Slayer Defeat Nicol Bolas in the revenge campaign
13 achievers
Fearless Explorer Defeat ten encounters
20 achievers
Flawless Win a campaign duel with 20 or more life
59 achievers
Fury of the Horde Win a duel controlling at least twenty creatures
15 achievers
Guildmage Defeat the Sepulchral Strength deck in the revenge campaign
7 achievers
Insurrection Win a duel online using an expansion deck
14 achievers
Jack of All Trades Unlock a card for each of ten different decks
23 achievers
Last Mage Standing Win a 3-player, 4-player, or Two-Headed Giant duel
32 achievers
Maelstrom Wanderer Win a Planechase campaign duel
19 achievers
Magic: The Puzzling Solve a challenge
20 achievers
Master of the Wild Hunt Win a duel controlling at least ten creatures
44 achievers
Memory Adept Enter the deck manager
73 achievers
Mythic Cast a mythic rare card
47 achievers
Near-Death Experience Win a duel with exactly 1 life
14 achievers
Otherworldly Journey Win a duel online
30 achievers
Praetor Slayer Solve the Say Your Praetors challenge in all five ways
11 achievers
Savor the Moment Win a campaign duel with an opponent's library empty
22 achievers
Sky Summoner Defeat Talrand in the campaign
73 achievers
Time of Heroes Defeat an encounter
62 achievers
Two-Headed Giant Win a Two-Headed Giant duel
25 achievers
Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Leaderboard