Ion Assault mini icon Ion Assault Steam Achievements

18 Achievements
Abstinence Complete a regular stage without collecting a single Power-Up.
5 achievers
Battleship Destroy five asteroids at once.
8 achievers
Destroyer Destroy seven asteroids at once.
2 achievers
Hyperspeed Finished a stage in less than 90 seconds.
8 achievers
Payoff Score exceeds 500,000 points (Campaign).
3 achievers
Rock n' Roll Destroy 50 big asteroids in a single game.
10 achievers
Survivor Survive 3 stages in a row without losing a life.
5 achievers
Triumph Completed the single player campaign.
3 achievers
10 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Field Medicine Get two extra-lives with a single score upload.
Hard to kill Score exceeds 1,000,000 points (Survival).
High Score Hunter Score exceeds 3,000,000 points (Campaign).
Immortal Score exceeds 10,000,000 points (Survival).
Jackpot Score exceeds 1,500,000 points (Campaign).
Putting up a fight Score exceeds 500,000 points (Survival).
The will to live Score exceeds 2,500,000 points (Survival).
True Skill Score exceeds 5,000,000 points (Campaign).
Unstoppable Score exceeds 5,000,000 points (Survival).
Untouchable Complete a whole sector without dying once.