14 Achievements
1 in 64's not bad Use the Sphere 13 doll. Destiny 13 mode doesn't count.
3 achievers
Doll Collector Have 12 of every standard doll at one time.
2 achievers
Doll Savior Finish the game without using any bombs.
1 achiever
Genoremasody's End Finish the game on Nobilmente difficulty.
1 achiever
I can do it! Finish the game on Euridice difficulty.
2 achievers
Loner Finish the game in Solo Voyage mode.
2 achievers
No, YOUR time's up! Defeat a boss after time has run out.
2 achievers
Not An Unlucky Number Finish the game in Destiny 13 mode.
1 achiever
Phantastique Tea Party Defeat the true last boss.
1 achiever
Sweet Tooth Obtain 20,000 Candy Cane Gems in one game.
4 achievers
4 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Destructive Destroy every part of every boss in one game.
Endless Possibilities Finish the game in Solo Voyage mode with every doll.
Even if the world ends... Finish the game on Doomsday difficulty.
The Rose Cross Finish the game on Allemande difficulty.
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