Hinterland mini icon Hinterland Steam Achievements

9 Achievements
Adventurer Attain level 8
1 achiever
Hero You did it! You won!
3 achievers
Wanderer Attain level 4
10 achievers
6 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Champion Attain level 12
David Defeat a monster more than 5 levels higher than Lord. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
Disrespectful Win without fulfilling a request. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
Guardian Win without any townspeople or party members dying. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
Immortal Win without Lord Dying (Hardcore). (Req:Long, Raiders)
Lone Wolf Win without ever having anyone join party. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)