14 Achievements
Fire Sale Hit at least three enemy units simultaneously with either the Hell Storm or Wild Fire spell cards
11 achievers
Gift of Efficacy Cast the "Gift of Efficacy" spell on a friendly unit
12 achievers
Great Sacrifice Eliminate a unit during the Battle Phase by sacrificing one of your own (for Map Pack 1)
12 achievers
11 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Epic Creature Eliminate 15 enemy units with 1 Large Creature (for Map Pack 1)
Guarded Win 5 Campaign maps with Guardian Victories
Guardian Killer Eliminate an enemy Guardian with your own Guardian without dying (for Map Pack 1)
Guardian of the Land Win 4 Skirmish maps with Guardian Victories
Master of All Achieve a Guardian Victory on any Skirmish map with all available Guardians (for Map Pack 1)
Quick Strike Win a map in 1 turn
Standards Upheld Win 5 Campaign maps with Standard Victories
The Defender Raise a single unit's Defense to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)
The Destroyer Raise a single unit's Attack to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)
The Survivor Raise a single unit's Health to 25 (excluding Large Creatures)
Ultimate Guardian Beat the Campaign