Frontline Tactics Steam Achievements

23 Achievements
Blinding Pain Blind and stun enemies.
2 achievers
Boot Camp Knowledge is power!
4 achievers
First Blood First successful mission turn boys to men.
20 achievers
Make Them Bleed Pepper more than one target with bullets.
5 achievers
Multi Kill! Kill multiple enemies in a single burst.
2 achievers
Multi Tasking Dual wield-r-us.
8 achievers
They Never Saw Us Coming Swiftly defeat the enemy.
15 achievers
16 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Art of Combat Defeat enemies of flesh and bone.
Beachhead Established Win some missions to get feet wet.
Casualties of War Kill! Kill! Kill!
Cautious Approach Use cover and survive longer.
Easy Money Horde a lot of credits.
Experienced More skills are better than few.
Fire in the Hole! Grenade fragments makes enemies bleed.
Leave No One Behind! Deploy and extract a full team.
Liberty Comes at a Price Buying credits is totally OK!
Mission Accomplished Win a lot of missions.
Pinned Down! Crossfire is good. More is better!
Superior Military Intelligence Unlock everything.
Technical Advancement Unlock a little of everything.
We Want YOU! Grow your squad.
Who Needs Guns Anyway? Perform slice and dice kills.
Who's Tough Now? Defeat enemy elite troops.