16 Achievements
Centurion Reach 100 "Total Aircraft Landed"
25 achievers
Crowded Sky Reach 20 "Most Aircraft on Screen"
15 achievers
Daredevil Fly a stunt aircraft through all gates and land safely on the Stunt airfield
9 achievers
First Flights Land an aircraft on each airfield
12 achievers
Helicopter Love Land 3 helicopters in a row
27 achievers
Holding Pattern Keep the same aircraft in the sky for 3 minutes
15 achievers
Jet Power Land 10 jets in a game
29 achievers
Nice Shades Open all umbrellas simultaneously on the Stunt airfield
15 achievers
Perfect Timing Land 3 aircraft at the same time
17 achievers
Restrainer Land no aircraft for 3 minutes
6 achievers
Rush Hour Land 5 aircraft within 10 seconds
27 achievers
Safety Card Read the game tutorial
24 achievers
Snowball Land 5 helicopters in a row on the Windy airfield
16 achievers
Summer Drought Land 50 aircraft without flying through any gates on the Stunt airfield
6 achievers
Veteran Play 200 games in total
4 achievers
Wings Land 200 aircraft in a game
5 achievers