14 Achievements
All That Glitters Gather 240 gems.
13 achievers
Apprehension Enter the fourth eversion layer.
23 achievers
Beige Alert Find the secret ending.
12 achievers
Commotion Enter the sixth eversion layer.
22 achievers
Confusion Enter the fifth eversion layer.
22 achievers
Deception Enter the first eversion layer.
33 achievers
Desolation Enter the third eversion layer.
30 achievers
Erosion Enter the second eversion layer.
30 achievers
Friendly Reminders See all alternate stage start messages.
17 achievers
Happily Ever After Find the special ending.
13 achievers
Induction Enter the final eversion layer.
13 achievers
Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb Find the hidden item on each stage. No, there's not an ending for this one.
10 achievers
The Princess Is In Another Castle Find the regular ending.
19 achievers
What Have You Done You tried to edit the main game files. You won't be able to get other achievements or high scores until you undo your edits. (custom time attack maps are ok!)
9 achievers