30 Achievements
...And the Dust Settles Defeat General Gaius
51 achievers
A Decent Start... Successfully complete a 200+ hit combo
108 achievers
Above and Beyond the Call Complete the Game on Tough or Hardcore setting
15 achievers
An Impressive Display Earn a Four-Star Rating in any Challenge Arena
50 achievers
Bad Therapist Bug Matti
35 achievers
Baker's Dozen Hang out with Twelve Friends in the Sanctuary
25 achievers
Blue Bomber Simultaneously Kill 6 Enemies with a Single Bomb
48 achievers
Bringer of Death Kill 500 Enemies
115 achievers
Cutting It Close Successfully Parry with less than 10% health remaining
74 achievers
Defused Defeat Fuse
104 achievers
Distant Thunder Use the DUST STORM on Fidget's Projectiles
164 achievers
Friend of Falana Complete 5 Sidequests
77 achievers
Hero of Falana Complete 10 Sidequests
58 achievers
High Spirits Defeat Baron Kane
59 achievers
One Last Wish Fulfill Bopo's wish for snow
37 achievers
Opposite of Fail Complete all Fale Quests
50 achievers
Paragon Opt out of putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundry
53 achievers
Push and Turn Unlock a Treasure Chest
172 achievers
Renegade Reign chaos by putting poison ivy into Gianni's laundry
47 achievers
Sad Way to Go Kill an enemy with the slide attack
56 achievers
Savior of Falana Complete 20 Sidequests
32 achievers
Silence Those Guns Destroy every enemy Cannon
43 achievers
That's More Like It Successfully complete a 1000+ hit combo
39 achievers
The Blacksmith of Archers' Pass Meet Haley
108 achievers
The Stuff of Legends Earn a Four-Star Rating in EVERY Challenge Arena
14 achievers
Tinkerer Craft an item from a blueprint
100 achievers
Wait, aren't you...? Unlock a Cage and Rescue a Friend
115 achievers
Waters of Life Defeat Lady Tethys
77 achievers
Well on your Way Pick Up an Ability Orb
172 achievers
With Great Power... Level Up by Assigning Skill Gems
171 achievers