76 Achievements
<3 Obtained the Life Pot!
88 achievers
A Fine Blade Obtained the Blade!
83 achievers
A Gift from Santa Obtained the Fireball!
144 achievers
Arm Bar Obtained the Arms Barrier!
72 achievers
Armored Feline Defeated Monster X!
77 achievers
Ate A Red Flower Defeated Toroko...
83 achievers
Big Fish Defeated Ironhead!
72 achievers
Boss Attack C Rank Completed Boss Attack in Less Than 15:00
1 achiever
Cave Story Clone Defeated G-Clone!
4 achievers
Cold Hearted Snake Obtained the Snake!
32 achievers
Count to 290 Obtained the 290 Counter!
29 achievers
Coward Bad Ending
32 achievers
Doggy Style Beat Omega with Jenka's Puppy
61 achievers
Don't Get Lost Obtained the Map System!
170 achievers
Ducking Awesome Obtained the Nemesis!
30 achievers
Evil to the Core Defeated the Undead Core!
53 achievers
Fish Preserve Spared Eggfish
12 achievers
Freakin' Laser Beamz Obtained the Spur!
33 achievers
Ghost in the Clinic Defeated Puu Black!
80 achievers
Girly Gun Obtained the Machine Gun!
83 achievers
Happy Birthday Pixel! Played Cave Story on April 29th!
15 achievers
Hate Made Flesh Defeated Ballos!
11 achievers
Heart of the Island Defeated the Core!
73 achievers
Heavy Medal Defeated the Red Ogre!
33 achievers
Here's Johnny! Obtained the Alien Medal!
14 achievers
Home, Sweet Home Returned Mister Little back home
29 achievers
House Call Defeated the Doctor!
60 achievers
Huge Toad Defeated Balfrog!
103 achievers
I Like It Hard! Completed Hard Mode
2 achievers
I'm Juggernaut... Found and collected all Life Capsules
41 achievers
I've Got Your Back Obtained the Iron Bond!
38 achievers
Kings of Power Accumulated XX,XXX of damage
81 achievers
Ladies' Man Obtained Chako's Lip Stick!
41 achievers
Little Man Found Mister Little!
31 achievers
Machine Monster Defeated Omega!
96 achievers
Magic Missile Obtained the Missile Launcher!
160 achievers
Merry Holiday Happy Euphemism For the rest of us!
90 achievers
Mimiga Bodyguard Defeated Curly...
99 achievers
Mimiga Hero Mask Mimiga Ending
7 achievers
Miserable Defeated Misery!
60 achievers
Mr. Clean Obtained the Bubbline!
88 achievers
Muscle, MD. Defeated the Muscle Doctor!
60 achievers
Only If You're Greedy... Defeated the Twin Dragons!
62 achievers
Panty Raider Obtained Curly's Panties!
44 achievers
Pea Shooter Obtained the Polar Star!
212 achievers
Rabid Mimiga Defeated Igor!
156 achievers
Return the Favor Saved Curly Brace
26 achievers
Rock Bustin' Defeated Balrog, yet again...
77 achievers
Sanctuary C Rank Completed Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 6:00
1 achiever
Shtuff Happens Normal Ending
38 achievers
So easy, so so easy! Completed Easy Mode
27 achievers
Supa Star! Obtained the Whimsical Star!
21 achievers
Super, thanks for asking! Obtained the Super Missile Launcher!
75 achievers
Swollen Mech Defeated Heavy Press!
18 achievers
To Hell and Back Completed Blood Stained Sanctuary
1 achiever
Toroko Wins! Beat by Toroko
24 achievers
Tow Me A Rope Obtained the Tow Rope!
43 achievers
Turbocharged! Obtained the Turbocharge!
52 achievers
Unstoppable No Life Capsules (Best Ending)
1 achiever
Untouchable No Life Capsules (Good Ending)
2 achievers
Wanna Fight? Defeated Balrog!
156 achievers
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found and collected all Missile upgrades
68 achievers
What A Fun Guy! Obtained Ma Pignon!
39 achievers
What Are YOU?!? Defeated Balrog, again...
126 achievers
Who's the Boss? Completed Boss Attack
3 achievers
Wind Fortress A Rank Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 5:00
2 achievers
Wind Fortress B Rank Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 6:00
4 achievers
Wind Fortress C Rank Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 7:00
4 achievers
8 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Boss Attack A Rank Completed Boss Attack in Less Than 10:00
Boss Attack B Rank Completed Boss Attack in Less Than 12:00
Boss Attack S Rank Completed Boss Attack in Less Than 8:00
Curse Broken Best Ending
Sanctuary A Rank Completed Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 4:00
Sanctuary B Rank Completed Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 5:00
Sanctuary S Rank Completed Blood Stained Sanctuary in Less Than 3:00
Wind Fortress S Rank Completed Wind Fortress in Less Than 4:00