63 Achievements
100! Complete 100 tracks
34 achievers
1st Track Cleared Complete your first track
221 achievers
25! Complete 25 tracks
107 achievers
50! Complete 50 tracks
61 achievers
A Real Dare Devil In Normal Mode get the Dare Devil multiplier 10 times
112 achievers
A Real Mine Sweeper Hit 50 mines in one track without losing a life
10 achievers
Boss Dance Survive with 4 bosses on the screen in Boss Rush mode
53 achievers
Boss King Get to Wave 30 in Boss Rush mode
24 achievers
Boss Slayer Kill 8 bosses in 1 game
88 achievers
Brutal Boss Kill Kill a boss before it fires
118 achievers
Cash Grab Get $10,000 in the bank
46 achievers
Coming Through! Reach 15 Minutes in Survival Mode
52 achievers
Completely Insane Complete a 4+ minute track on Insane difficulty
43 achievers
Cool Tracks! Visit a musicians website from the Credits screen
42 achievers
Death Blossom Mission Complete a 5+ Minute Track
7 achievers
Death By A Thousand Cuts Get 10,000 kills using Micro Missiles
21 achievers
Death Star Get 10,000 kills using the Ultra Beam power up
12 achievers
Don't Panic Don't fire for 60 seconds
87 achievers
Don't Stop Me Now Reach 10 Minutes in Survival Mode
102 achievers
Dragon Fire Mission 100 Kills Without Moving
5 achievers
Dude of Hazard Score 10 Million Points
134 achievers
Elite! Reach the rank of Elite
118 achievers
Go Platinum In Normal Mode score 1 million points in one track
131 achievers
Half Way There Reach the rank of Senior Officer
174 achievers
High 5 Accumulate 5 hours of play
68 achievers
I'm Just Starting Reach 5 Minutes in Survival Mode
139 achievers
Juggernaut Mission Score 7,500,000 in 1 Track
5 achievers
Mad MAXED Max out all the Perks
12 achievers
Millionare Score 1 Million Points
191 achievers
Mosquito Mission Kill 100 Bosses
6 achievers
Music Tour Score at least 1,000,000 on each built in track
11 achievers
Muti Millionare Score 5 Million Points
154 achievers
Perfect Complete a track of at least 3 minutes without losing a life
175 achievers
Perk MAXED Buy all the upgrades for a Perk
135 achievers
Perks! Unlock all the Perks
57 achievers
Pwnage Get a 1,000 kill streak
141 achievers
Razorburn Mission Slay 25 Serpent Bosses
6 achievers
Reflection Reflect 150 projectiles with 1 Shield burst
35 achievers
Shadow Rank Covert Agent Level up to Shadow Covert Agent
14 achievers
Shadow Rank Operative Level up to Shadow Operative
14 achievers
Shadow Rank Rookie Level up to Shadow Rookie
23 achievers
Shadow Rank Shadow Captain Level up to Shadow Captain
11 achievers
Shadow Rank Shadow Commander Level up to Shadow Commander
8 achievers
Shadow Rank Shadow Force Elite Level up to Shadow Force Elite
6 achievers
Shadow Rank Shadow Officer Level up to Shadow Officer
12 achievers
Slick Mission Survive 10 Mins in Survival Mode
5 achievers
Speedy Mission Score 5,000,000 in 1 Track
5 achievers
Star Runner Mission Survive to Wave 20 in Boss Rush
5 achievers
Striptease Strip 2 bosses of their turrets and keep them alive for 60s
38 achievers
Survival Champion! Reach 20 Minutes in Survival Mode
38 achievers
Survive Christmas 10 In Survival Mode last 10 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
72 achievers
Survive Christmas 15 In Survival Mode last 15 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
26 achievers
Survive Christmas 20 In Survival Mode last 20 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
22 achievers
Survive Christmas 5 In Survival Mode last 5 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
79 achievers
The Collector Mission Collect 1,000 Pickups
5 achievers
The First Hour Accumulate 1 hour of play
159 achievers
The First Step Level up
240 achievers
Tough Guy Complete a 4+ minute track on Suicidal difficulty
26 achievers
Tug of War Have a 10 second tug of war with a Stalker
97 achievers
Ultra Beam of Death Kill 150 enemies with 1 Ultra Beam blast
18 achievers
Untouchable Reflect 10,000 projectiles using the Reflect Shield power up
15 achievers
Veteran Accumulate 10 hours of play
36 achievers
x100 Get a x100 Multiplier
171 achievers