130 Achievements
A Work of Art Protect Prism until he completes his masterpiece.
1 achiever
ACH_SAFE_FOR_NOW Defeat Carbos and Shank.
1 achiever
Back to Basics Speak to all the Candlekeep Tutors and learn what they have to teach you.
1 achiever
Bandits Banished Killed Tazok and ended the bandit threat to the Sword Coast.
1 achiever
Faerûnian Idol Find and keep an artifact at the archaeological dig.
1 achiever
Fishermen's Foe Return Tanya's stolen property.
1 achiever
Foreshadowing? Bring Firebead a copy of The Fateful Coin.
1 achiever
Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm Speak to Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn.
1 achiever
Hero Acquire Heroic Reputation.
1 achiever
Murder Incarnate Kill 1000 creatures.
1 achiever
Noble Assistant Side with Aldest Sashenstar in the Cloakwood Forest.
1 achiever
On My Own Leave Candlekeep, the only home you've ever known.
1 achiever
Only Mostly Dead Return Drienne's cat to her.
1 achiever
Philistine Return the stolen emeralds to Oublek.
1 achiever
Save the Cow! Save Hulrik's cow.
1 achiever
Scent of a Kobold Discover who let the kobolds into Gullykin.
1 achiever
Second Chance Convince Captain Brage to return to the Temple of Helm.
1 achiever
Sobering News Return Joseph's greenstone ring to his wife.
1 achiever
This Belongs in a Museum Assist Charlston Nib at the archaeological dig.
1 achiever
Use Your Words Convince Marl to back down without resorting to violence.
1 achiever
Victory is Mine Killed Mulahey and ended the threat to the Nashkel mines.
1 achiever
Witch Saviour Set the witch Dynaheir free from her prison.
1 achiever
Worst Bodyguard Ever Side with the mercenaries against Silkie in Beregost.
1 achiever
107 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A Complete Set Find all of Takos's missing heirlooms.
A Critical Moment Saved Boareskyr Bridge from destruction at the hands of the crusade.
A Long Journey Set out upon the journey to Dragonspear Castle.
A Reunion of Friends Reunited the spirits of Daeros Dragonspear and Halatathlaer.
ACH_FLYING Complete the game solo.
All the Allies Recruit all the bonus allies possible for the final battle.
All the Enemies Fight all the bonus enemies possible at the final battle.
All the Options Have Neera, Dorn, and Rasaad in the party at the same time.
Amendments Ordered Madele to amend her murderous misdeeds.
An Ancient Evil Destroyed the demon Aec'Letec.
Appeal to Reason Present evidence of the crusade's crimes to Julann.
Atonement Left Caelar Argent behind to guard the portal to the Prime Material Plane.
Best Day Ever Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time.
Blessed By Talona Poisoned supplies within Dragonspear Castle.
Breaking Point Persuade Rigah to turn against Julann.
Completionist Finish all your chores before leaving Candlekeep.
Damsel Out of Distress Help Abela the nymph escape.
Dark Ally Sided with Ferrusk at the dark druid circle.
Dark Places Entered the caverns beneath Dragonspear Castle
Darkseer Use infravision to navigate an area of darkness.
Defender Successfully defended the coalition camp from attack.
Detailed Investigation Find the traitor within the coalition camp.
Diffusion Stopped the sickening energy emanating from the spellstone.
Divine Pact Recruited Caelar Argent to your side.
Dragon Slayer Awoke and defeated the green dragon
Dumathoin's Disappointment Destroyed the lich Coldhearth and his phylactery.
Entertained Find Baeloth the Entertainer and convince him to join your party.
Explorer Explore all unique encounters.
Family Reunion Track down all of Glint's family members.
Family Secrets Discover a secret hidden away in the Korlasz family tomb.
Far Out Summon three creatures to the Prime Material Plane using the Spectacles of Spectacle.
Fishermen's Friend Side with the fishermen near Baldur's Gate.
Forest Friend Side with Seniyad in the Cloakwood Forest.
Four on One Defeated the burglars in Sorcerous Sundries by yourself.
Friend of Volo Complete the game on Story Mode difficulty.
Gallor's Plot Assist Gallor at the archaeological dig.
Get Out! Get the strange voice out of Neera's head.
Give The Enemy No Quarter Pushed the crusade back across Boareskyr Bridge.
Godlike Increase an attribute score to 25.
Grandmaster Become a Grandmaster.
Grim Deeds to Come... Fell to attackers outside Baldur's Gate.
Grub... Doubled Help M'Khiin find her path.
Harper's Gift Aid Khalid with his romantic request.
Hasty Retreat Discovered Hephernaan within Dragonspear Castle.
He Started It Teach Marl a lesson.
He's Just Misunderstood Side with Tsolak the vampire.
Hero of Baldur's Gate Killed Sarevok and ended his threat to Baldur's Gate and the Sword Coast.
I Don't Care Convinced Corwin that you did not commit murder.
I'm A Wizard and That Looks... Murdered the trapped crusaders in the Temple of Cyric.
In the Name of the Father Commanded Madele to murder in the name of Bhaal.
Inside Job Sabotaged the drawbridge at Bridgefort and let the crusaders in.
It Wasn't Me! Convinced Duke Belt that you weren't responsible for Skie's murder.
Judge, Jury, Executioner Put an end to Captain Brage's mad rampage.
Juggernaut Reach 150 hit points.
Kanaglym Cleansed Defeated the cabal of wizards hiding within lost Kanaglym.
Know Thyself Help Ammon in the Korlasz family tomb.
Leave No Friend Behind Finish the game without any party members dying.
Lord of Murder Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.
Loremaster Have a Lore skill of 100 or more.
Lover's Redemption Convinced Tamoko to aid you.
Lover's Sacrifice Sent Tamoko to the afterlife.
Master Thief Steal a telescope from the Hall of Wonders.
Mercenary of the Month Side with Silkie against the mercenaries in Beregost.
Nature Lover Sided with the surface druids at the underground river entrance.
Newer Kids on the Block Have Corwin, Glint, M'Khiin, and Voghiln in the same party.
Not The Battle We Came For Peacefully surrendered Bridgefort to the crusade.
Oathbreaker Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.
On My Own... Again Made your way through the catacombs beneath Candlekeep.
On the Trail Reported Rieltar's activities to Duke Eltan in Baldur's Gate
Painful Recital Fail to impress the ancient menhirs with your singing ability.
Proud of Yourself Revealed your identity to the crusaders.
Remote Control Talked Teleria into selling her golem.
Reunion Bring Casson's body to Tremain.
Riddlemaster Answered the menhir's riddle, Vidhyadar's riddle, and Thrix's riddle correctly.
Sacrifices Must Be Made Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.
Scales of the Beast Forged a dragonscale item.
Seeker of Secrets Discovered a secret chamber and the treasure hidden within.
Stand Alone Defeat the elite crusader Ashatiel in a one on one battle.
Stone to Flesh Save all the missing refugees in the Coast Way forest.
Strange Bedfellow Delivered the amulets of his former companions to Coldhearth.
String Cutter Destroyed the mind flayer Darskhelin.
Tapped into the Void Forged a void weapon.
The Devil You Know Destroyed the devil Belhifet.
The End of Korlasz Dealt with Korlasz, the last follower of Sarevok.
The Hard Way Picked the least suitable units to fight the crusaders at the coalition camp.
The Key Forward Acquired the wardstone from the Cyricist temple.
The Last Duty Left Aun Argent behind to guard the portal to the Prime Material Plane.
The Legend of Durlag's Tower Explore Durlag's Tower and defeat the evil growing within it.
The O.G. Reunite with old friends.
The Stone Cleric Return the stone maiden at the Nashkel Carnival to life.
The Written Word Appease the ghost in the Ulcaster Ruins.
Thorough Defeated the elite crusaders guarding the rear of Dragonspear Castle.
Trivium Perform a task worthy of the Terrible Trivium.
Unpetrified Restore Camah to life.
Unpopular Have Baeloth, Viconia, M'Khiin, Dorn, and Edwin in the same party.
Untouchable Have an Armor Class of -15 or lower.
Urge to Kill Killed Nüber.
Villain Acquire Despised Reputation.
Water, Water, Everywhere Killed Davaeorn and shut down his mining operation.
Well Done Deal with an angry water elemental.
Well, It's Heavy Acquired a gold bust of yourself.
Whipped Into Shape Train all of Vigilant Halasan's recruits properly.
Witch Slayer Send the witch Dynaheir to the afterlife.
Worst Day Ever Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.
You Chose... Poorly Thrix claimed a party member's soul.
Your Father's Grave Reached Boareskyr Bridge, the site of Bhaal's death.
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