Babel Rising mini icon Babel Rising Steam Achievements

12 Achievements
Apocalypse Earn the highest distinction by performing power combos.
1 achiever
Deity Kill 50 workers.
8 achievers
Falling Stone Crush 20 workers with one giant boulder.
1 achiever
9 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Babel Falling Complete the campaign.
Blown away Use a sand storm to send a worker flying far away.
Break the ice Play a coop game and have one player kill 30 workers frozen by the other one.
Cruel god Send 10 maximum difficulty waves to your opponent in a versus multiplayer match.
Cursed! Destroy 15 cursed jars in a single game.
Full house Kill 10000 workers over multiple sessions.
Great balls of fire Damage 5 tower blocks with one meteor shower.
Holy wave Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers.
Survivor Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete.