Arena Wars 2 mini icon Arena Wars 2 Steam Achievements

20 Achievements
20 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
A decent start Win 10 maps in singleplayer mode.
Ambitious Ambitious multiplayer.
Ant Wars Win a match with having 24 Buggys at the same time.
Big Spender Maximize your supply and win the match.
Bullseye Destroy the opponent unit which carries the module with the "Ion cannon" power-up.
Comeback! Win a match after being behind 0:2.
Concerned Defender Get your modules back 100 times.
Countermeasure Use a buff on an opposing unit to cancel another buff.
Dynamic Duo Win 10 matches in 2vs2 mode.
Invincible Win 10 multiplayer matches in a row.
Madness Win each map on difficulty "Insane".
Master Master multiplayer.
Master Thief Capture the opponent's modules 250 times.
Minister of Defense Get back your module five times during a single multiplayer match.
Motivated Motivated multiplayer.
Natural Born Winner Win 100 maps.
Perfectionist Win a multiplayer match 3:0.
Running out the clock Both, your opponent and you hold the modules until they are returned automatically.
Scrap Dealer Destroy 500 enemy units.
Whirlwind Win a match in less than 7 minutes.