America's Army: Proving Grounds Beta Steam Achievements

69 Achievements
1A Whiskey Neutralize an enemy at 1% health.
7 achievers
A Bridge Too Dark Win a match on Bridge Night.
2 achievers
Adios, My Friend Headshot an enemy who has been spotted.
10 achievers
Army Strong Win a round without being neutralized.
16 achievers
Battle Buddy Perform three revives in a round.
2 achievers
BTDT Perform a neutralize and a revive within a victorious round.
11 achievers
CLS Revive a teammate for the first time.
9 achievers
CURRAHEE! Successful last stand. (This is in reference to a Cherokee word meaning "stand alone" and is the motto of the 506th infantry regiment.)
1 achiever
Day Zero Complete your first objective.
5 achievers
Dead Eye Earn two spot assists within a single round.
2 achievers
Eagle Eye Spot five enemies within a single round.
2 achievers
First Responder Revive a teammate within five seconds of them being neutralized.
14 achievers
First Victory Win your first match.
7 achievers
Ghost of Urban Past Lose a match on Harbor Assault
1 achiever
Good Comms Spot an enemy.
5 achievers
Ground Pounder Take down your first prone enemy
2 achievers
HANO Neutralized from falling damage.
5 achievers
Hawkeye Neutralize five enemies within a single round.
3 achievers
Lean and Mean Score a neutralization while leaning.
6 achievers
Non-Lethal Enforcer Take down your first enemy.
2 achievers
On Point Win a round via objective in under a minute.
6 achievers
P.I.G. Perform three headshots in a round.
3 achievers
Peekaboo Spot an enemy while leaning.
4 achievers
Rub Some Dirt On It Bandage a significant injury.
10 achievers
Seasoned Warrior Win 25 matches.
1 achiever
Taking Out the Trash Secure three enemies within a round.
5 achievers
That's a Lot Of Gauze Revive 50 teammates.
1 achiever
Two Birds - One Stone Neutralize two or more enemies with a single frag grenade.
3 achievers
Unstoppable Neutralize three enemies in a row.
12 achievers
Urban Planner Win a match on Harbor Assault.
1 achiever
Welcome To the Big Leagues Play your first round in Veteran mode.
1 achiever
Zipped Up Secure your first enemy.
9 achievers
37 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
"F" is for Flash Yourself Blinded by your own flash bang grenade. It happens.
Be All You Can Be Win 250 matches.
Black Belt Take down 250 enemies.
Chairborne Ranger Your team won despite you.
Complete Forfeit Lost every round of the match.
Distinguished Service Win 25 matches in Veteran mode.
Duty, Honor, Country Win your first match in Veteran mode.
Everybody`s Buddy Perform five revives in a round.
Fairly Novice Grunt Neutralized three times within a single round.
Fire in the Hole Hit at least three enemy targets and no friendly targets with a single grenade in the M67 shoot house.
Fobbit Caught MIA (AFK) one too many times.
Four of a Kind Shoot four Enemy Targets in one second without hitting a Friendly Target in the M16 shoot house.
Got Your Six Neutralize a teammate's neutralizer and revive that teammate.
Gunslinger Shoot five Enemy Targets in two seconds without hitting a Friendly Target in the M9 shoot house.
H.O.G. Perform three headshots within a Veteran mode round.
High Speed Get a gold medal and finish the run with at least 2.5 seconds remaining on the clock in the M4 shoot house.
Hooah! Perform a non-lethal take down and complete the objective within within a victorious round.
House Revive 250 teammates.
Larsen Grad Take down five enemies within a single round.
Locked In Get a gold medal and finish the run with at least 60 seconds remaining on the clock in the M24 shoot house.
Lost Lamb Must Be Found Lost on the battlefield. Get a battle buddy!
Martial Artist Take down two enemies within a single round.
Mr. Zipcuff Secure 500 enemies.
Never Accept Defeat Neutralize an enemy who recently neutralized you.
Old Salty Dog Hit level 20 prior to RFI-1.
On Target Hit eight Enemy Targets without missing in the M14 (Designated Marksman) shoot house.
One Belt Pony Earn a silver medal or better and complete the run without reloading in the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon shoot house.
Red Belt Take down 50 enemies.
Relentless Neutralize three enemies in a row within a Veteran mode round.
Saint Revive a teammate while under heavy suppression.
Tango Romeo Echo Spot 500 enemies.
Target's Acquired Spot 100 enemies
This We'll Defend Flawless Defense: The objective was protected and no teammates were lost.
This... is my Boomstick Hit two or more enemy targets in a single shot without hitting a friendly target in the M870MCS (shotgun) shoot house.
Valorous Service Win 250 matches in Veteran mode.
Veteran Hawkeye Neutralize five or more enemies within a Veteran mode round.
Water Under The Bridge Lose a match on Bridge Night.