Achron mini icon Achron Steam Achievements

18 Achievements
18 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Achron Beat Campaign 4
Chronal Commander Beat C3L4 without using any chronoenergy
Clean Slate Beat C4L7 killing every single enemy on the level
Clone Hero Beat the Sandbox Chronoclone Challenge in a minute or less
Food Soldier Beat C1L8 without making any aerospace units
Freedom Beat C3L7 or C3L8 with the Octoligo guards all dead
Greedy Beat C4L4 with no resources remaining in any crates
Hiker Beat C1L7 without making any gates or carriers
Liar, liar Beat C1L4 with Holloway catching Tyr lying to him
Master of Offense Beat Campaign 1
Master of Teleportation Beat Campaign 2
Master of Time Beat Campaign 3
Master Tactition Beat C4L1 without building anything at all
Meany Beat C2L3 without rescuing the miners chronally
No Escape Beat C4L3 without allowing the operators to escape at all, achronally
Rescuer Beat C2L5 while meeting up with the stranded Vecgir
Speedster Beat C2L7 in under 30 minutes
Stealth Operator Beat C3L5 avoiding any waves of air reinforcements