14 Achievements
Barricade Blaster Clear away 20 stone slabs using long chains.
5 achievers
Endurer Complete twenty levels in a row without losing any.
7 achievers
Independent Spirit Complete a level without getting stuck.
11 achievers
Overachiever Complete a level by using long chains only.
4 achievers
Power of the Elements Complete the game and save the magical world.
7 achievers
Practical Approach Use all four power-ups on a level.
8 achievers
Quick as a Flash Complete the quest in 90 seconds or less.
4 achievers
Sharp Eye Spot all the differences between two cards within a short time.
7 achievers
Strategist Make a minimum of 4 long chains in a row.
10 achievers
Tactician Make a 16 pieces long chain.
6 achievers
The Air Magus Restore the third Book of Elements.
7 achievers
The Earth Magus Restore the first Book of Elements.
9 achievers
The Fire Magus Restore the second Book of Elements.
8 achievers
The Water Magus Restore the forth Book of Elements.
7 achievers