2XL Supercross mini icon 2XL Supercross Steam Achievements

19 Achievements
Benchmark Complete 10 events
1 achiever
First Supercross Race Complete a Supercross race
1 achiever
First Supercross Win Win your first Supercross race
1 achiever
Ghost Rider Complete one Time Trial lap
1 achiever
Practice Makes Perfect Complete five Time Trial laps
1 achiever
Pro Ghost Complete ten Time Trial laps
1 achiever
Supercross Win Streak Win three Supercross races in a row
1 achiever
Weekend Trip Ride ten miles total
1 achiever
11 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Air Delivery Spent one hour in the air total
Casual Gamer Play for one hour total
Country Drive Ride fifty miles total
Dare Devil Land a backflip in a race you come in first place
Friendly Skies Fly one mile through the air total
Game Addict Play for ten hours total
Hardcore Gamer Play for five hours total
In the Zone Improve on your fastest Time Trial on three consecutive laps
Marathon Ride one hundred miles total
Serious Gamer Play for two and a half hours total
Spring Boost Preload five times in a single race event
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