Team Fortress 2 219909hrs from 1638 players
Garry's Mod 112688hrs from 1157 players
The Elder Scrolls... 107304hrs from 1048 players
Terraria 86064hrs from 1074 players
Counter-Strike:... 79082hrs from 851 players
Borderlands 2 57972hrs from 820 players
Left 4 Dead 2 51864hrs from 1201 players
Sid Meier's... 50113hrs from 718 players
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Latest Steam achievements
The achiever V
Shonen Idle Z
Complete all rank S missions
Collector V
Shonen Idle Z
Complete collection at 100%
Prestigious X
Shonen Idle Z
Gain 2500 shonen power
Prestigious IX
Shonen Idle Z
Gain 1337 shonen power
Friendly X
Shonen Idle Z
Collect 30 pets
Friendly IX
Shonen Idle Z
Collect 27 pets
Clotherer X
Shonen Idle Z
Collect 30 clothes
Clotherer IX
Shonen Idle Z
Collect 27 clothes
Trainer XV
Shonen Idle Z
Have 150 K training points
Trainer XIV
Shonen Idle Z
Have 130 K training points
Trainer XIII
Shonen Idle Z
Have 110 K training points
Time master X
Shonen Idle Z
Play 5 months
Time master IX
Shonen Idle Z
Play 4 months
Ki control XV
Shonen Idle Z
Gain 1 QaD global ki
Ki control XIV
Shonen Idle Z
Gain 1 Td global ki
Ki control XIII
Shonen Idle Z
Gain 1 Dd global ki
Boss destroyer XV
Shonen Idle Z
Kill 1500 bosses
Boss destroyer XIV
Shonen Idle Z
Kill 1250 bosses
Boss destroyer XIII
Shonen Idle Z
Kill 1100 bosses
Monster leveler XV
Shonen Idle Z
Reach monster level 450