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The Elder Scrolls... 77410hrs from 795 players
Borderlands 2 44161hrs from 638 players
Left 4 Dead 2 43564hrs from 1012 players
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Latest Steam achievements
Lives up to his name!
Pixel Piracy
Horke the Flatulent poops
Pixel Piracy
Have both Vitali Kirpu and Alexander Poysky on your ship
Who be makin this game?
Pixel Piracy
Check out the credits
Pixel Piracy
Accept a bounty quest
Jolly Roger That
Pixel Piracy
Add a pirate flag to your ship
Pixel Piracy
Have a pirate turn hostile due to low morale
Grand Theft Marine
Pixel Piracy
Capture an enemy ship
Pixel Piracy
Find a treasure chest and open it
Pixel Piracy
Plunder an enemy ship
Pixel Piracy
Die for the first time
Pixel Piracy
Have at least 5 poop on your ship
Gotta catch em all..
Pixel Piracy
Capture an animal to be your pet
Socially inadequate
Pixel Piracy
Kill a hobo
Pixel Piracy
One of your pirates dies while using Kaboom
Pixel Piracy
Defeat a legendary pirate
LEGEN - Wait for it....
Pixel Piracy
Pick a fight with a legendary pirate
Land Lubber
Pixel Piracy
Visit an island with no town
Grog 'n' women!
Pixel Piracy
Visit a tavern
Pixel Piracy
Set sail for the first time
Aaaaaand I'm Spent
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Used up the Ignis gauge while fighting as Relius.