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Latest Steam achievements
'End Corruption II'
Data Hacker: Corruption
You completed Corruption on 'New Game Plus'!
'End Corruption I'
Data Hacker: Corruption
You completed Corruption!
'Initiate Corruption'
Data Hacker: Corruption
Jay's journey continues...
Sign of the Cross
Chaos Domain
Collect 500 ankhs.
To Forgive is to Suffer
Chaos Domain
100% of Arsenal Upgrade.
Chaos Domain
50% of Arsenal Upgrade.
So You Wanna Be a Cowboy?
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of Standard Gun.
Rocket Man
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of Rocket Launcher.
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of Photon Gun.
Three Way, Freeway, Take Me Like a Sailor
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of Multi Gun.
Stormtrooper of Death
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of Assault Rifle.
He Who is in the Place of Embalming
Chaos Domain
Full upgrade of all weapons.
Curse of the Pharaohs
Chaos Domain
Restart level 100 times.
Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame
Chaos Domain
Restart level 50 times.
Walk Like an Egyptian
Chaos Domain
Beat the game on normal difficulty.
Chaos Domain
50% game completion.
You Can Look, But You Can’t Touch
Chaos Domain
Use Invulnerability 50 times.
Ram it Down
Chaos Domain
Use Ram Rage 50 times.
The Rising Sun
Chaos Domain
Use Scarab Speed 50 times.
U Got Nothin’ on Me
Chaos Domain
Use Protection Shield 50 times.