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The Elder Scrolls... 84067hrs from 869 players
Borderlands 2 50443hrs from 701 players
Left 4 Dead 2 46379hrs from 1079 players
Counter-Strike:... 45118hrs from 681 players
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Latest Steam achievements
Slow Learner
Default Dan
Collect 1000 coins.
Surgical Strike
Default Dan
Kill a bouncing heart while standing on a springboard.
Post Traumatic Stress
Default Dan
Die 30 times in a single stage or boss.
The Cake is a Murderer
Default Dan
Fall at terminal velocity for 10 seconds.
Power Up
Default Dan
One Smart Cookie
Default Dan
Collect the only collectible coin.
Roller Toaster
Default Dan
Kill 30 enemies with fire in one run.
Dead Aim
Default Dan
Collect 30 coins in a single death. Bonus stages don't count!
Speed Demon
Default Dan
Obtain 20 stars collectively from stage rankings.
Speed Devil
Default Dan
Obtain 5 stars collectively from stage rankings.
Weapons of Mass Danstruction
Default Dan
Collect 50 dynamite.
Default Dan
Collect 25 dynamite.
Just Dandy
Default Dan
Collect 10 dynamite.
It's Raining Dan
Default Dan
Obtain 7 stars collectively from bonus stage rankings.
Fancy Feats
Default Dan
Achieve 100% Completion.
Habit Attack
Default Dan
Complete Dark World.
Default Dan
Defeat the Princess.
Peace of Cake
Default Dan
Defeat the Cupcake King.
The Crag
Default Dan
Complete Level 17 without jumping more than 4 times.
Leaps and Bounds
Default Dan
Complete Level 15 without killing any enemies.