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Latest Steam achievements
Better Together
Dragon: The Game
Join or host a Co-Op game.
[BUG] Cave-In
Dragon: The Game
Get stuck in a cave because the game won't let you leave!
Distinct Markings
Dragon: The Game
Customize your dragon's colorings.
Catch & Release
Dragon: The Game
Drop a villager from a great height and catch them again before they hit the...
Sky Hunter
Dragon: The Game
Catch a deer while flying.
Okay, I think I have the hang of this.
Pump-Action Captain
Die 1000 times.
Starting to figure this out...
Pump-Action Captain
Die 500 times.
Just getting warmed up!
Pump-Action Captain
Die 50 times.
Well, that was fast...
Pump-Action Captain
Playboy Philanthropist
Pump-Action Captain
Fully upgrade armor to Level 3.
From The Bird People
Pump-Action Captain
Upgrade armor to Level 2.
Orbital Shock Trooper
Pump-Action Captain
Upgrade armor to Level 1.
Plumber's Delight
Pump-Action Captain
Kill a monster by jumping on it's head.
Pay Day
Pump-Action Captain
Accumulate 1,000,000 dollars in your bank account.
Daddy's Lambo
Pump-Action Captain
Accumulate 100,000 dollars in your bank account.
Rent Money
Pump-Action Captain
Accumulate 1,000 dollars in your bank account.
A Night Out
Pump-Action Captain
Accumulate 100 dollars in your bank account.
Pump Veteran
Pump-Action Captain
Survive for 20 minutes.
15 Minutes of Fame
Pump-Action Captain
Survive for 15 minutes.
Gold Star
Pump-Action Captain
Survive for 10 minutes.