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The Elder Scrolls... 73313hrs from 735 players
Left 4 Dead 2 41904hrs from 951 players
Borderlands 2 39787hrs from 602 players
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Latest Steam achievements
60 down 999,999,940 to go
Hexcells Infinite
Completed 60 puzzle generator levels.
Hexcells Infinite
Perfect every campaign level.
World 6
Hexcells Infinite
World 6 unlocked.
World 5
Hexcells Infinite
World 5 unlocked.
World 4
Hexcells Infinite
World 4 unlocked.
World 3
Hexcells Infinite
World 3 unlocked.
World 2
Hexcells Infinite
World 2 unlocked.
Level The Battlefield
Find the Battle rifle and level the playing field.
All The Way home
Complete the game with the ASMI Story-line "All the way home"
Riggs Completion - The Getaway
Complete the game with Riggs story-line 2
ASMI Completion - Fluffy Rabbit
Complete the game with the ASMI story-line "The Fluffy White rabbit"
Riggs Completion - Quick Exit
Complete the game with Riggs Story-line 1
Secret 1
Secret unlock 1
Aggregate 1.1
You have collected 5 data
Arrangement 1.1
You have seen a Neutron arrangement
Challenge 1.1
You completed the first challenge level.
Golden God
Speed Kills
Win all of the championships: Gold on all of the planets.
Speed Kills
Win a race on Navius Prime on Hound or Wolverine sportscar.
Blizzard Beast
Speed Kills
Win a race on Void XIII on your debut.
Chaos B.C.
Speed Kills
Win Angkor Championship on Lynx sportscar. You must drive Lynx on all of the...