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Garry's Mod 102477hrs from 1054 players
The Elder Scrolls... 89958hrs from 921 players
Terraria 71679hrs from 974 players
Counter-Strike:... 56621hrs from 735 players
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Latest Steam achievements
Kids these days...
Insanity's Blade
Use a continue on Stage 0
There is no Thurstan, Only Zuul!
Insanity's Blade
Thurstan gets possessed
Defiler of Roosters
Insanity's Blade
Get the Cock Puncher
Get off my lawn!
Insanity's Blade
Throw 'em around!
Exit Only!
Insanity's Blade
Get hugged by a crawler
You Lose! Perfect!!
Insanity's Blade
Finish Stage 0 in Hell Mode
I can't even...
Insanity's Blade
Die in the water
Dagger Fist
Insanity's Blade
Now you can throw daggers!
Do you even lift, Bro?
Insanity's Blade
Reach the max level!
How Do I Do That Again?
Insanity's Blade
Revisit the How To Play video
Surfs Up Dude!
Insanity's Blade
Go corpse surfing
Game Over Man! Game Over!
Insanity's Blade
The taste of true defeat
Damn Squatters!!!
Insanity's Blade
Set a hostage free
I read books for the pictures, dude!
Insanity's Blade
Complete the Arcade adventure!
Make War, Not Love...
Insanity's Blade
Play co-op on the day of love
Hand Solo
Insanity's Blade
Play singleplayer on the day of love
And Then I Complained That The Game Was Too Easy...
Insanity's Blade
Beat the game on Casual difficulty
Sharing is good!
Insanity's Blade
Tear 'em in two!
Donation Accepted!
Insanity's Blade
Pay your dues to the zombie priests
You won't be needing those...
Insanity's Blade
Deliver a punishing ball kick!