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Spanky and his gang of revolutionaries are back, and this time they're bigger and badder! In the successor to the 1.5 Million unit State of Emergency, the original riot game, VIS Entertainment has once again redefined the Action/Combat Genre with State of Emergency 2.

A new, high-performance graphics engine puts you in the middle of hundreds of chaotic rioters, AND, this time, you control the riot!

A deeper and more engaging Story Mode allows you to switch between the principal characters and take advantage of each character's unique abilities, such as MacNeil's sharp-shooting or Spanky's gang control.

Ten years have passed and the Corporation has re-emerged, stronger and more brutal than ever. Join Spanky and his cohorts to ignite the flames of revolution against the oppressive Corporation and create a full-blown State of Emergency!

[edit] Features

  • Switch between characters during the missions to utilize their unique talents and special abilities; drop a few Corporation soldiers from long range with MacNeil's sharp-shooting and then overrun Capitol Plaza by using Spanky's gang control
  • A Deeper, more engaging Story Mode with larger and more detailed levels that are filled with completely destructible environments and objects
  • A new, high performance graphics engine which can render up to 500 characters in each level
  • Bigger and better weapons, including rocket launchers, mines, grenades, C-4, Molotov cocktails, as well as various clubs, knives, and numerous guns
  • A Multi-Player Arcade Mode which will enable players to riot for hours with their friends

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  • North America: Feb 16, 2005
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