State of Decay (Xbox 360) Cheats

State of Decay cheats, Codes, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.

Command codes

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modern wagon
This cheat will give you the modern wagon so if you are stuck running from a horde activate this and it will spawn the station wagon


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Cannibal Family Picnic(5)Got to the Mt. Tanner Ranger Station.
Arrested Developments(10)Saw things through at the courthouse.
Come and Knock On Our Door(10)Convinced another enclave to join your community.
Get Outta My Dreams(10)Killed one of each freak zombie type with your car
Get Yo' Freak On(10)Killed one of each freak zombie type.
Gotta Enjoy the Little Things(10)Used a car door to kill a zombie.
Gun Thugs(10)Helped the Wilkersons resolve their differences.
Holy Rolling(10)Escaped Mt. Tanner and found the survivors at the church.
Home Improvement(10)Built a facility.
Home on the Grange(10)Played matchmaker for Quentin and Becca.
I Can See My House From Here(10)Completed a survey activity.
I'll Be There For You(10)Earned 500 Fame.
It Was Just a Police Action(10)Found out what the Army was up to.
Mercy Shot(10)Killed a member of your community to prevent them from turning.
Rule #1(10)Maxed out a community member's Cardio skill.
Torn Apart(10)Got killed by zombies
Watch the Birdie!(10)Distracted zombies to complete an objective.
Ya Always Were An A-Hole Gorman(10)Sacrificed your life in a blaze of glory.
Double Dead(15)Performed a hand to hand double kill special attack.
Manifest Destiny(15)Built 8 outposts.
Movin' On Up!(15)Relocated your home base.
The Bruce(15)Killed 3 zombies with an exploding propane tank.
Trust Me, I'm an Expert(15)Earned a skill specialization for one of your community members.
Everywhere You Look(20)Got 15 people in your community.
Horde Hoard(20)Destroyed 10 hordes in one day.
Land Usage(20)Built one of every type of facility.
Pest Control(20)Destroyed 5 infestations in one day.
Survivor(20)Escaped Trumbull County.
Vehicular Zombicide(20)Ran over 250 zombies.
Badass(30)Completed 50 missions or activities with the same character.
DLC AchievementsBreakdown
The Dead Man(10)Kill 5 Bloaters (Breakdown Level 2 or Higher).
The Judge(10)Perform 50 Zombie Executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher).
The Mercenary(10)Destroy 5 Juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).
The Ninja(10)Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).
The Sacrifice(10)Go Out in a Blaze of Glory (Breakdown Level 1 or Higher).
The Survivor(10)Collect 150 Resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher).
The Scientist(15)Reach Breakdown Level 6.
The Rescuer(25)Unlock All Heroes.


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Avatar Items
Meet the following requirements to unlock awards for your Xbox Live avatar
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shark HoodieTrain an enclave at your dojo
Swine and Bovine MaskBuild outpost in Swine & Bovine
Zombie MaskVisit cabins by Tanner Lake
Unlockable Gamerpics
UnlockableHow to unlock
Feral GamerpicKill a Feral zombie-type
Juggernaut GamerpicKill a Juggernaut zombie-type


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Resources glitch
When you find a batch of resources IE food, meds, building materials and ammo!! Send some one to pick them up once the call has gone through YOU take the stuff and they will still send someone out for them.. Meaning you get two sets of the items you find! done this a few times now!

Easter eggs

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Plants vs. Zombies Easter Egg
To the west of the Ascension Church is a house where you can find a curious and non-coincidental arrangement of sunflowers and lawnmowers in the back yard.