Star Wars Galaxies review
The True Definition of a MMORPG

The good:


Grahpic's: 7/10
Sound: 9/10
Music: 10/10
Player Community: 8/10
Customer Support: 5/10
Customer Relations: 4/10
RPG Score: 9/10
Game Freedom: 10/10

Overall: 8.2/10

The bad:

If you are ever sure you want to play STAR WARS GALAXIES, make sure you have a very powerful RAM Drive, Graphics Card, and internet connection. Otherwise, you will be facing the evil Lag Monster. And SOE games are its favorite food.


Have you ever watched Star Wars as a little kid and said "I've always wanted to live there." ? Now you can!

STAR WARS GALAXIES is the only fantasically-built Massive Multiplayer Online game that would ever explain the true meaning of a "fulfililng movie-based online game". It is highly recommended for Star Wars nerds. With a dazzling, helpful player community and a wonderful flavor of a true RPG, this online adventure will have you playing more excitedly than any online game has in your life.

The true aspects of the game are learnable though, even if you aren't a big Star Wars nerd. STAR WARS GALAXIES takes palce in between the last two movies of the original STAR WARS Trilogy. The two main factions that operate would be the most obvious guess: The Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. Of course, there are also many side Factions including Jabba, Valarian, Gungan, Jawa, and hundreds more!

You are let off into the widely-dememsional world of STAR WARS GALAXIES after the optional tutorial. You are free to do just about anything (some with exception of leveling up and questing). In the beginning character customization screen, you will be asked to choose one out of 9 professions. These include Jedi, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Entertainer, Trader, Commando, and more!

Though it's really confusing if you're starting out on Star Wars Galaxies, as SoE (Sony Entertainment) isn't very helpful when it comes to showing everything difficult around, there are plenty of players who will be more than happy to help you all around! Just ask!

Music to the game has become a very neat aspect to the gameplay itself. The music is involved from the realms of all six Star Wars soundtracks. This provides an ultimate music experience along with the accorded sound for each object, emote, walking and running, vehicles, space, combat, and many others!

Making friends and communicating in a widespread social enviornment is quite a fun trait of this game, and will involve much of your gameplay. Form temporary groups with friends, duel anywhere and anybody at anytime, do missions with friends, and even live with your friends if you want with the Player Housing feature.

Not just to focus on one ground, of course. Infact, there are 10 amazing planets you are allowed acess to when you purchase your subscription to SWG ($15 US p/ month). These include classic-known planets such as Tatooine, Naboo, Yavin IV, and Endor -- and the Expanded Universe planets like Corellia, Lok, Dantooine, and the few others.

Space combat, space travel, and space fun, is ideal for creating a more-than-perfect STAR WARS game. Becoming a pilot has you choose between either Freelance, Imperial, or Rebel. Off of each one have 3 different paths you could follow for different types of missions and storyline.
Each ship can be customized with its style and components in many different ways. These include the many types of Engines, Weapons, Droid Interfaces, Armors, Sheilds, and many more! You can even become certified to get bigger and better ships depending on your space combat level. With the necessay ship parts which can be either made by Traders, looted, or bought, all ships are included with a hyperdrive to hyperspace into other planet systems for great space travel.

Space can also be a place for fun...but not only for combat fun! Ride player Space Yachts for parties, guild meetings, getaways, cruising with friends, and many more! Also ride other fun multi-passenger ships made for combat including the famous YT-1300 (Han Solo's "Milenium Falcom" model) which includes powerful turrets to destroy the many possible dangers in space.

STAR WARS GALAXIES currently has two expansion packs: "Rage of the Wookies" (planet Kashyyyk) and "Trials of Obi-Wan" (planet Mustafar). Both in which include so much entertainment, you might decide to live on your computer desk chair for a long time!

With beautiful landscapes, fascinaiting styles of clothes, armor, house furniture, houses, vehicles, weapons, starships, combat, Star Wars classic encounters, and the many more. After years of updates and editing, STAR WARS GALAXIES would probably be said as one of the greatest online games for any gamer or any STAR WARS nerd alive. Through this long description, you may decide to leave your current gaming world and move on to STAR WARS GALAXIES!

May the force always be with you.

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