Star Wars Episode II: The New Droid Army Cheats

Star Wars Episode II: The New Droid Army cheats, and Codes for GBA.


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200 Health and 200 Force
To enable this code, Enter 8!T as a password
All Force Abilities
To enable, enter FRC as a password
Black Shadows
To enable, enter SK8 as a password.
Change Controls
To enable, enter BTW as a password.
Disable Shadow
To enable, enter !B4 as a password.
Level Passwords
Mos Espa Outskirts-DHT
Mos Espa Outskirts: Part 2-D1C
Mos Espa-QHC
Xelric Draw-BH7
Xelric Draw: Part 2-B11
Womp Rat Cave-FHH
Xelric Draw: Part 3-CHW
Xelric Draw: Part 4-C1?
Xelric Draw: Part 5-CW2
Mos Espa: Part 2-RHP
Mos Espa: Part 3-R1H
Mos Espa: Part 4-RWQ
Dune Sea-KHQ
Moisture Farms-M1Q
Moisture Farms: Part 2-MWH
Jundland Wastes-TH?
Jundland Wastes: Part 2-T1W
Jundland Wastes: Part 3-TW4
Jabba's Palace-SH1
Jabba's Dungeon-J1L
Jabba's Dungeon: Part 2-JWC
Jabba's Dungeon: Part 3-J97
Jabba's Dungeon: Part 4-J5X
The Great Sarlacc-G18

High City-7H4
High City: Part 2-712
High City: Part 3-7W?
High City: Part 4-79H
Underlevels: Part 2-!11
Underlevels: Part 3-!W8
Bentho's Nightclub-H12
Core Bay-6HX
Core Bay: Part 2-618
Jedi Temple-5HQ
Jedi Temple: Part 2-51D
Jedi Archives-4HJ
Jedi Archives: Part 2-41L
Jedi Archives: Part 3-4WC

Droid Factory Outskirts-XHC
Droid Factory Entrance-VH1
Production Facility Area 1-2HL
Production Facility Area 1: Part 2-2WT
Production Facility Area 2-3HD
Production Facility Area 2: Part 2-31Q
Cortosis Processing Plant-WH?
Cortosis Processing Plant: Part 2-W1W
Cortosis Processing Plant: Part 3-WW4
Droid Factory Core-?HW
Droid Factory Core: Part 2-?1?
Droid Factory Core: Part 3-8HT
Droid Factory Core: Part 4-8WL
Droid Factory Core: Part 5-81C
Droid Factory Core: Part 6-9HH
Droid Factory Entrance: Part 2-Y1H
Level Select
Enter 2D4 as a password. Use L and R to select a level

After correctly entering the password, you should receive an Invalid Password message.
Luke Skywalker
To enable this code, enter SKY as a password
Overhead Map
To enable this code, enter CQL as a password
After correctly entering the following passwords, you should receive a password accepted message.

Level - Password

Droids at Speeder - D31

Mos Espa - QK1

Xelric Draw - BKT

Womp Rat Cave - FKW
Reduce Resolution
To enable, enter GFX as a password.
Toggle Language Option
Enter LNG as a password. Select Langauage from the Options screen.